Is My $12. Safelist Worth The Money?


Well, I am still working on my big plan to take revolutionize the internet advertising world but in the meantime I am still selling these little safelist memberships that I started selling bout 6 years ago. Is it worth it to join my little safelist and send out your ads to the members? Well, I do not believe in hype I believe in facts. So I have put screenshots of the last two years of statistics. As of the writing of this post I have 3493 paid members in my safelist. It is important to note that ALL of these members paid to join this safelist. There are many safelists with more members but most of them are free members. Heck, I have over 110,000 members of The Free Ad Forum but these are not 110,000 buyers. I wish! So for $12. per year you can send your ad out to the entire database everyday. Keep in mind that members are constantly being added to the list and others are leaving. So it is a constantly changing list of buyers. Yes, let me say it again. All of these members have purchased something on the internet. A buyers lists is way more valuable than a freeebie seeker list. So does anybody see these ads? Here are the stats for both 2009 and 2008.

Topsafesend.com 2009 Stats
Topsafesend.com 2008 Stats

Notice that for 2009 over 57,000 people clicked on the credit links. There is both a regular mailer and by far more mail goes out with the regular mailer. So if 57,000 people clicked on the credit links more than double that clicked on regular links. But the important point is that people cannot click on any links unless they see your ad. People are viewing ads with Topsafelist.net. They also are all BUYERS. They paid for a membership. There is no free option with this safelist.

For me the first job of an advertising service is to get my ad before real buyers. Then it has to do so in a cost effective manner. Well this costs $12. per year. $1. per month. Dirt cheap actually. Obviously you are not going to get rich sending your ads daily to this safelist but for $12. you might get additional members to your newsletter who you can market to over and over again. (They are buyers remember? Have I made this point?) You could make some sales. You could get some people to link back to you. Bottom line your ads are going out, people are seeing them and it costs next to nothing. I think that Topsafelist.net is worth being in your arsenal of advertising tools. Especially if you are on a budget.

I realize this is not the sexiest topic. I could be writing about how I made millions through traffic arbritrage with ppv traffic (working on that.) But people keep joining, keep using and keep viewing ads sent out by this darn safelist. If you want to join Topsafelist.net you may do so here.

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If you want us to set you up with your own website SELLING safelist memberships see my site Topsafelistbiz.com. Safelist memberships are easy to sell because everyone is looking for advertising for their business. Many marketers have found their first success online selling safelist memberships. See here to learn more about Topsafelistbiz.com. See here to view a tutorial on how I sold over 6000 safelist memberships. I still sell them almost everyday

In any case good luck and let me know what your experiences have been with safelists, even this one in the past.

Matthew Meyer

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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.

Sandy Halliday - 2012/04/13

Hey Matthew,

You just sent me an email about your safelist and sent me to this post but it is 2 years old. The screen shots are from 2008 and 2009. Even older. What about the latest figures? Things could have changed since then.

Why not update it?



    Matthew Meyer - 2012/04/13

    Yes it is an old post but the safelist is still going strong amazingly! People sign up everyday. I am working on brand new projects so I have not had time to update all the old posts. About 3400 paid double confirmed members right now. See http://www.topsafelist.net Thanks. Matt.


Bill Harper - 2011/06/13

I cannot use my topsafesend safelist because this site keeps popping up. Please correct this so I can use what I paid for.

Bill Harper


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/06/13

    Thanks for letting me know I see the error and I will correct it.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/06/13

    Fixed. If there is anything else let me know. Thanks. Matt.


cristi - 2011/03/17

hi Matt, Thank you for the information.Hope in the future u will show some quality post,like usual u do.Hpe the best


Richie West - 2010/11/08

cool. i will need tips from webmasters like your self to have my blogs up to par. good info, well constructed.


Hans Brautigam - 2010/11/03


I got some emails from you and want to comment like this:

I have no website. no affiliate at the moment to run (?).

What are you promoting, what ads?
– by using

What niche, what program?

Just wondering what you like the best.

Sincerely yours,

Hans Brautigam


Matthew Meyer - 2010/10/27

You are registered under ecroffers@aol.com
You may have your password sent to you here


Edwin Prevo - 2010/10/26

Had signed up before-not sure if till active. Plase advise.
Previous web sites ecroffers@aol.com and crfindit@aol.com

Signued up with lead club.


Matthew Meyer - 2010/09/23

Dick emailed you a link where you can register your account.


Matthew Meyer - 2010/09/23

Checked the database and nothing under your email. Also checked under your email in my emails and nothing. In any case I emailed you a link where you can register an account again without paying. As far as trying to make a sale I do not really try to make sales with safelists. I give something away that would appeal to marketers so that they can opt in to my newsletter.Sorry you had a problem good luck hope this helps.


Robert - 2010/09/22

I got that last year and have not made a single sale from it.

Plus I have been trying to have Support help me because I cannot delete my saved mail to make room for more. It has been two month and I lost count (Maybe 10 or more) requests and I still have not received help or an email from them.

Personally I think it only works for those selling it – and it is a waste of time and money.



Dick - 2010/09/15

I ordered your list mailer but don’t have any way to set up a login.


imran14826 - 2010/06/28

Congrats on your success Matthew. Provide value and you can’t lose,
y buddy but its not clear one thing — if somebody join and pay you the $12.00 – the solo ads that somebody can send out goes to the 3400 member that yo have or goes out to all .



Randy - 2010/06/18

hi Matt, thank you for the information.



Matthew Meyer - 2010/06/14

Hi Daniel. If you join the safelist your ad will go out to about 3400 per day not 110,00. See http://www.topsafelist.net Thanks. Matt.


Daniel - 2010/06/13

Matt – Hi! My name is Daniel. Sorry buddy but its not clear one thing — if somebody join and pay you the $12.00 – the solo ads that somebody can send out goes to the 3400 member that yo have or goes out to all 110,000?


Buy Wealthy Affiliate - 2010/03/06

Congrats on your success Matthew. Providing value never loses.


Buy Wealthy Affiliate - 2010/03/06

Congrats on your success Matthew. Provide value and you can’t lose


Irmgard - 2010/02/02

Have I than 3.600 mails daily in my inbox? Or is it so, that paid members send out but not get?


    Matthew Meyer - 2010/02/03

    You will not get that many emails but you will receive a good handful. That is why I suggest using a secondary email account for your “list” email address. The reason that you will not receive 3600 emails is that most members do not use the system everyday. People still see and click on the links in the emails as you can see from the stats. Thanks. Matt.


Byron - 2010/02/02

Hello Matt

I paid the 12 dollars for the safe list and can’t seem to log in. I type my name in for the user and nothing happens
I tried to email you earlier but didn’t here back.

What’s up


    Matthew Meyer - 2010/02/03

    Hi Byron, sorry you had problems logging in. After you ordered you should have been redirected to a page where you can create your account. You then will have to confirm your two email addresses before being able to send out your ads. I will email you the link to register your account. You will not have to pay again.



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