How To Post Multiple Classified Ads On Popular Classified Ads Sites


It can be very beneficial to post multiple ads in different cities and categories if your product appeals to those audiences. The only problem is that some of the more popular sites block multiple ad posting.

Classified sites have varying policies on these issues. I am not suggesting that you spam categories that have nothing to do with your offer but if your ad is relevant to different  categories and geographical areas then it might work well for you to post multiple ads. Some classified ads site have automatic blocks in place which will still block legitimate advertisers who wish to post relevant multiple ads.  Here are some tips:

  • Use A Unique Email Address For Each Ad Posting– You can easily get a free yahoo or gmail account to use for your different ad postings.
  • Use Unique Descriptions For Each Ad- Not only is this good seo to help the search engines find your ads but it helps you bypass the mindless impersonal filters that some sites have in place.
  • Change Your Ip Address Frequently- If you post continually from the same ip address you can trigger and automatic block. There are services which allow you to change your ip address easily. Here is a good one.
  • Use Different Titles- This tip is especially good for avoiding user flagging. Some users who see the same title in ads will assume that it is spam and contact the admin of the site by clicking a little button. Most of the time admins do not have time to actually individually review your ad so they just delete all flagged ads.
  • Put Some Time Between Your Ads- Do not post more than 10 ads at a time. Posting classified ads is better done a little bit at a time. Maybe set a few minutes each day for this task and then move on to something else.

It can be a very time consuming endeavor to post multiple classified ads. We are offering a classified ad service which will post your ad to over 500,000 classifieds sites 4x per month every month. See here for details.




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