How to Get Traffic to Your Website-50+ Actionable Ideas For Driving Traffic To Your Website


1. Write your own article “10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website“, choose one of the techniques and actually do it. Don’t know any ways to get traffic to your website? No problem. Google “How to Get Traffic to Your Website”, check a few of the zillions of articles that are posted on the subject. Read a few that look interesting then pick 10 techniques that you think you could actually do and write your blog post “10 Ways to get Traffic to Your Website.”

It can be 7 ways or 5 ways but not too many. You want techniques that you can actually do. Then pick one and actually do it.

Why pick just one technique? Because we need to get focused and take some action. It is too easy just to read marketing porn and not actually do anything. Do one technique. If you just do what I suggest in this first tip you will be well on your way to getting more traffic and even becoming an expert on traffic generation.

2. Start a blog on your topic and post one article per day about your niche even if you are not an expert. If you do not know how to set up a blog see here and I will set one up for you for free. If you get hosting through my Blue Host affiliate link I will set up the wordpress blog for free. If you wan to learn how to set up your own blog see here.

Start blogging about your topic even if you are not expert. The info is there already. Just Google the most frequently asked questions about your business and start writing articles about the answers. Do this for a few months and your blog will start attracting high quality traffic in your niche.

3. Start a forum on your topic. Imagine a busy forum with everybody chit chatting about your subject and your advertising is right at the top of every page of the forum. I started my own marketing forum here. I invite you to join and introduce yourself in the members section. It is not that hard to start your own forum. You will need some web hosting and some forum software. Here is an article which talks about starting your own forum.

4. Start an email list using an autoresponder. This is big! You should be collecting email addresses of all the visitors of your site. See how prominent my subscription forms are? If you have a big list of followers you can drive huge targeted traffic to your site. I recommend Aweber for autoresponder services. This article explains what an autoresponder is.

5. Place an upgraded ad for one year on classifieds. The is a busy site with about 40,000 members. For $5. your ad can stay live for one year on their site. For another $5. your ad will be in rotation on the home page of their site. With thousands of ads being placed every month having your ad on the home page of a site like this for one year can only get you traffic and this is dirt cheap. You are not going to have an avalanche of traffic but over the year you will consistently get real quality traffic from this site. Good opportunity.

6. Work on your headlines. Headlines are the first part of your blog post or ad that people see. Get their attention and intrigue them so they will click through to your website. Here is a guide on writing headlines.

7. Start a Facegroup page in your niche. Make sure to put a link back to your website.

8. Start a YouTube channel. YouTube is the number 2 search engine after Google and is owned by Google. It gets ridiculous traffic. Start a YouTube channel with valuable how to videos in your niche. Include a link to your website and the top of the description area. Make sure to include the http:// part so that it hyperlinks.

Include annotations in your videos which give people calls to action. You can even verify your site with YouTube  and have annotations directly in your videos going to your main website.

9. Guest Post on Relevant Blogs. This has really worked for me. I do not do it enough. You need to write quality original articles just for the publication. See one of my guest posts here on getting traffic. Google “guest post” your topic. Then see if there are popular websites in your niche that are looking for content. If you get some posts on high traffic sites this can pay long term dividends of high quality traffic.

10. Optimize your existing posts. One of my projects for my blog is to turn all my blog posts into pdf files and upload them all to Slideshare is one of the highest traffic websites in the world. It is easy to turn your blog posts into pdfs file for use on file sharing sites.

Here is a video which shows you how to do this in a snap

Another project I have for my blog is to include featured photos on all my posts. Photos get indexed in search and on social media sites like Pinterest. Make sure to include links back to your site. Plus they make your blog posts more attractive when shared on social media.

11. Start your own Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Stumpleupon accounts and share your posts and videos on social media.

12. Start some YouTube Advertising campaigns. YouTube will promote your videos starting from around $5. per day. Sometimes they make mistakes and even give you extra traffic. This happened to me see here to learn the details.

13. Start your own affiliate program. If you have your own product you can ask affiliates to sell it for you. I did this with my Classified Ad Submission Service and they have brought in thousands of visitors and sales. You just have to provide a good product and pay your affiliates. There is nothing like having an army promoting for you. See here to learn how to set up your own affiliate program. If you do not have a product considering writing an ebook. It is not that hard to do. See here to learn how to create and sell your own ebooks.

14. Create a free re-brandable ebook and give it away. If you have your own affiliate program you can easily create a re-brandable ebook with a service called viralpdfgenerator. Basically it takes your ebook and allows your affiliates to re-brand the ebook with their own affiliate links in just a few clicks.

If you do not have your own affiliate program you can just create your own ebook which contains valuable information for your audience and give it away. It can be used as an incentive for people to join your email list. You then can upload your ebook to all the file sharing sites. Here is a service which will do so for you. I have used her she is reliable.

15. Upload your videos to video hosting sites other than YouTube. There are many ultra high traffic websites which host videos other than YouTube. It is highly worthwhile both from a traffic standpoint and from an seo standpoint to get your videos on these sites. Here is an article that lists 60 video hosting sites besides YouTube where you can upload your videos. Do not even think about doing it yourself. Too tedious. Here is a service which will upload your videos for you and give you a nice report.

16. Start a Bing Campaign– Bing has a pay per click system like Google Adwords. I have done some tests and I find the traffic to be the same quality and the prices to be a bit less. Both are expensive though but pay per click traffic is probably the best quality traffic you can buy.

17. Start a Google Adwords campaign– Google makes almost all of it’s income from Google Adwords. These are the Google ads that you see at the top of search results and on webpages.  Here is an article which explains in detail about Google Adwords. Basically you pay every time somebody clicks on your ads. You choose keywords, then Google shows your ad based on keyword searches and when people click on your ads you pay anywhere from 10 cents to about $50. per click. The quality of the traffic is very good but it can be very expensive. You had better have an excellent offer which converts and makes you a good profit before investing in Adwords. You can sign up for a Google Adwords account here.

18. Boost your Facebook Posts– If you make a post on your Facebook page you can choose to “Boost” your post. I do small $5. campaigns. It increases the audience of your Facebook posts. It also can increase the number of fans on your Facebook page. If the posts are targeted towards your niche this can help you build your audience for future marketing. Here is an in depth article about boosting Facebook posts.

19. Buy PPV Traffic or Bulk Traffic– Pay per view networks are networks of people who have downloaded free software or tools and have AGREED to receive some targeted ads in exchange for the free tools. The traffic is much less expensive than pay per click traffic from Google Adwords or Bing. They say it is targeted but their targeting is not as accurate as pay per click. The traffic is generally served as a pop up of your page. The advantage is that it is much less expensive so you get many more views of your website. You can get bulk pop up traffic here.

20. Use Safelists. People dis safelists but there is one thing I like about safelists. The traffic consists of real eyeballs on your offers. I have purchased services that I have seen advertised on safelists so I know you can get sales from this source of traffic. A safelist is a list that people join and everybody agrees to receive email offers from everybody else.  You generally get credits for clicking on the links and viewing the ad for a certain amount of time. Even though the traffic is incentivized it is still real. A real human is looking at your ads. If your offer is great you have a shot at a sale or opt in. If your offer appeals to other marketers you have an even better chance because everybody on a safelist is looking for ways to better market their products and services. Here are 2 safelist that I have had good luck with: Lead Club and Email Hog.

21. Niche specific Link Exchange– I have done well inviting people to place a link on my site in exchange for a link on theirs. You can use link exchange software to create your own link directory as I have here. The software I use is Php Link Directory. Here is a run down on the different types of link directory software. You can try targeting your link exchange offers to those who have related but non competing businesses to your niche.

22. Joint Ventures–  Are their other popular websites in your niche that do not directly compete with you? Offer to do email newsletter exchanges, interviews, link exchanges or even podcasts together. Your combined audiences will only build both your businesses.

23. Instructables and how to sites.- How to sites are very popular. Write some how to articles solving most common problems in your niche and put them on sites like instructables. These are very high traffic authority sites. Many times your tutorials will get found on popular how to sites before they will get found on yours. Here is a list of some how to sites.

24. Start a podcast– Itunes can generate a significant amount of traffic. Here is an article on starting your own podcast.

25. Make List of Most Famous/Successful People in Your Niche- Piggy back off the fame of others. People often Google famous people. If you have a blog post about the most successful people in your niche your post will be found when people are Googling their names. Also there is a chance the famous people will link back to your post.

26. Interview Popular people in Your Niche. Everybody likes to talk about themselves especially famous people. Interview popular people in your niche and you will attract their audiences.

27. Place Links Back to Highly Relevant Blog Posts in Your Niche. Here is an article by Moz, the SEO mega gurus on why linking to other sites in your blog posts is good for your seo and traffic.

28. Buy A Keyword Based Domain Create a Directory. I wanted to rank for the keywords “Best Plumber in Fort Lauderdale.” I reserved the domain name I created a directory of local plumbers using directory software based on wordpress. It worked I am on the first page of Google for that term and others. I use this directory theme.

29. Create Free Software That Solves a Problem in Your Niche and Give it Away. Go to sites like and and hire programmers to make some software that solves a problem in your niche. Then distribute the software on software directories. You can make the splash page your opt in form or website. I created some free classified ad submission software that people can download and even give away here.

30.  Add images and text for images on all blog posts. Image sharing sites like Pinterest are extremely popular. Add images to your blog posts and include your link in the images. Then post them to Pinterest with your keywords and like.

31. Write a Response Post – Respond to a controversial post in your niche and then let the original poster know about it. Chances are good they won’t be able to resist responding to it on their blog.

32. Send out Press Releases. Here is an article giving you tips on putting out press releases.

33.Write landmark posts  – Create at least a few long-form, authoritative posts that will organically garner links and attention over the long haul. Lists seem to work well. Here is one of mine. This post consistently gets organic visitors.

34. Respond to all comments on your blog and social media.

35. Post classified ads. You can post classified ads on Craigslist and Backpage. You can also use a classified ad submission service like this one here.

36. Write Quality Reviews of Products in Your Niche.

37. Ask people to share and like your blog posts and videos. Do not forget to ask people to share and like your posts and media. It is incredibly simple but it works extremely well. Simply ask. By the way, please like and share this post on social media! Thank you!

If this is not enough here are 3 more articles on how to attract visitors to your website or blog.
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Ok I am getting more ideas so I will add them as I go below. Bookmark this post and come back for more ideas as I post them.

38. Title hijack technique. Google your keywords. Copy and paste the top 20 titles that come up first in Google search for your keywords. Create a video (s) on your topic. Modify the titles so that they are relevant to your videos.Upload your videos, each with a different title to each of the 60 different youtube alternatives listed here. You can also vary the descriptions somewhat for each video hosting site.

39. Title hijack technique 2- Same as above just get your title ideas from the top search results on YouTube. Remember, do not just copy and paste titles. Modify them so that they are relevant to your videos.

40. Create a YouTube Channel With Your Keywords in the Username. When you upload all your videos to YouTube upload them to a YouTube channel which has your keywords as the name of the channel.

41. Strip the audio out of your YouTube video and turn it into an mp3 then upload your mp3 to all the podcast and mp3 directories. Include descriptions with your keywords and links back to your website wherever allowed.

42. Create an infographic about your topic and upload it to all the image hosting sites.

43. Create an ebook about your topic and sell it on Amazon for 99 cents.

44. Create an ebook about your topic and give it away for free.

45. Use Jack Software and share the most popular articles on your topic from authority sites on all your social media accounts with your links and pop ups on their page.

46. On every one of your YouTube videos place an annotation to a subscription link which says “Subscribe to My Channel and I Will Subscribe to Yours.” Then when people subscribe to your channel and you get the notification subscribe to theirs, visit their videos and make some positive comments.

47. Confirm your website with YouTube to be allowed to place links to your website in annotations. Then place a call to action annotation in every video inviting people to visit your website.

48. Create an Articlevideorobot video of all your blog posts then upload them to YouTube and

49. Cold Call on the Phone. Do you have a fantastic offer which appeals to a specific audience? Make a list of such people and call them up on the phone! If you really want to go old school do it from a phone booth if you could find one (just kidding.) Ask them if you can email them details. Send them an email, skype, text with your website. Caution, if you have a truly great offer you just might make so much money with this technique that you will not need much traffic to your website.

50. Send out postcards. Send out personally written postcards to prime potential customers. People are so used to texting, emailing, Facebooking, tweeting that you will really get their attention with just a post card. People under 30 will wonder what it is. If your offer is truly outstanding you could actually scare up some business. Send them over to your website or maybe your place for dinner! If you really want to get some attention go old school. People are getting fried with all these impersonal ways to “connect.”

51. Cold Call in Person! Yeah baby. You heard me right. Go knock on some doors. Heck, I have had 5 Jehovah’s witnesses come to my door in the past year. I am thinking of hiring them as sales people. These people are motivated! It will be an adventure. Press some flesh. Go belly to belly. Press some flesh. Go belly to belly.Hand out your business cards, meet new people, get some exercise and have some fun!

Back when I had my wedding band business I used to cold call all the catering directors of every single hotel in South Florida and ask them for referrals. It actually was a lot of fun and really worked to get business.

52. Go to Local Networking Events and Pass Out Your Business Cards– Since we are getting to know our neighbors. Lookup networking events of all kinds, go and pass out your business cards. You can check out this article on using for lead generation.

Here is a really cool infographic giving you more ideas on getting traffic to your website.Ecommerce-Traffic-New-copy Visit the full blog post here.





Date published: 10/18/2015

After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.