How To Get Massive Amounts Of Subscribers Submitting Software To Software Directories


Amish Shah originally put out a product which is still on Clickbank called “Software Submitter Pro.” On the sales page they promise to reveal a technique to increase your subscriber base by thousands and to get thousands of valuable back links back to your website. You accomplish this by turning any html form such as your opt in squeeze page for your newsletter into a .exe of piece of software. Then you are supposed to submit this software (your opt in form) to the software directories. When people go to download the software they are actually downloading your opt in form. If they want to get the real software that they want they must first subscribe to your newsletter.

First of all this technique works. I am currently getting about 30 confirmed opt in subscribers per day using this technique. I focused on the less popular internet marketing niche. My numbers might be greater if I had concentrated on the anti virus niche. It is crazy how many times anti virus software is downloaded. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 has been downloaded 338,811,709 times! 1,644,507 times last week from CNET download! There is an entire career there to be had. Software directories get lots of traffic!

There are many ways to take advantage of this traffic but this is what I have done. First I purchased the resell rights to lots of internet marketing software. Many of these software came with ready to sell websites. (By the way you can download this entire collection free here.)

I uploaded the websites to my server. Then I took my html opt in form and converted into a .exe file using Ebook Maker software. The software included with the Softwaresubmitter pro package does not work at all! I searched all over to find quality software that transforms .html to .exe. The free software I found is just a waste of time. You can download a trial version of Ebook Maker here. The pro version costs $40. It is worth it because it will save you time.

I then created a download page where people could download the actual software. Here it is if you want to check it out. This is the page they are redirected to after they sign up for my newsletter from my html form.

So to recap. I create an html form so that people can join my newsletter. I tell them that they must register for my newsletter to get the actual free software that they want to download. Once they sign up for the newsletter they are redirected to my download page where they can download the actual software they want. I use Ebook Maker software to turn my html opt in form into a .exe software format so that it will be acceptable to the software directories. The software I am giving away is PLR software that I purchased.

Then I took my .exe file and submitted it to about 800 software directories using Robosoft. Robosoft rocks! This is a high quality piece of software which is constantly updated by the creator. This software costs $100 but should cost $1000. Softwaresubmitter Pro includes software but it is a complete joke. It does not even come close to working. You need Robosoft to do this technique correctly.

There is some set up time with Robosoft but it is worth it. Robosoft will submit your site to 800 high traffic software directories. These sites get real traffic and are viewed by real people. It is not like submitting your site to low quality directories. These are highly ranked sites. You will definitely get good back links and real traffic from these sites.

As soon as I had submitted my software to the directories I started getting subscribers. The beautiful thing is that they just keep coming. Once you set this up the traffic is free and residual.

The downside to this technique is that it is time consuming. It takes time to set up a web page for each piece of software, get a screen shot, an icon, upload a PAD file (Robosoft makes this for you) and submit your site properly to the software directories. It is not some one click deal. You have to concentrate on what you are doing.

I got greedy and started submitting cheap ebooks as as fast as I could to the directories to get more subscribers. This worked but not that well. People going to software directories are looking for software not cheap ebooks. You need to give them software.

So now I am taking my time, even purchasing the rights to much higher quality and more exclusive software. I have decided it is better to go for quality than quantity. I want those who download the software to have a good experience.

The next step is to have your own custom software created for you. This is not that hard. You do not have to be a programmer. I am not. You can hire very talented programmers for next to nothing on Scriptlance.com. All you have to do is conceptualize it and be able to explain what you want. Look around in your niche and see if there are any popular programs being distributed. Maybe you could have a similar version make for you.

Aaron Wall of Seobook.com website is the champ of this technique. He has developed a SEO Firefox Plugin with over 130,000 users. He also gives away many other SEO software tools. The result is that his site about SEO is ranked 849 by Alexa. This means there are only 849 websites on the internet with more traffic than his. And his site is about the exciting topic of SEO! Truly incredible. Oh yes and his site did not just get pumped up temporarily from some “launch.” His site rocks relentlessly with traffic 365 days per year.

So you might try this technique with some PLR software then start thinking about creating software that would be valuable in your niche and giving it away.

By the way, even though the software provided by Software Submitter Pro did not work I have no problem with them at all and I did not ask for a refund. I think after I clicked through the 200 pop up windows and got to the last discount offer I paid $17. for the program. The software did not work but the ideas were great! I would easily pay $17 for such great ideas. So thank you Software Submitter Pro!

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