How To Earn Both Recurring And Immediate Commissions With Solo Email Ads


As I mentioned in my rambling guest post for Site Pro News I believe the real way to make money is to create your own products.  But this takes time and effort. If you want to get started making commissions right away and recurring as well I suggest promoting my Classified Ad Affiliate Program and I suggest promoting it through solo email ads.

Why solo email ads? Email marketing still rules. It is fast, direct, and gets immediate eyeballs on your ads. John Chow did a test where he compared Social Media Marketing vs Email Marketing and email marketing won out big time.

Reasons to promote my Classified Ad Submission Affiliate Program.

1. Classified ad submissions is a great seller. Thousands of classifieds are posted everyday and it is very time-consuming. Posters are desperate for ways to get more classified ads out there fast and efficiently.

2. The program pays recurring commissions. Why work just to get paid once? Once a customer signs up you get paid for as long as they keep subscribed to the service.

3. Your customers will love this service. Customers receive hundreds of confirmation emails from the thousands of sites we submit their ad to. They will see that we are doing some serious promotion on their behalf.

4. No startup costs and great banners and sales letters. I have hired professionals to create top notch banners and promo material to help you promote this program. You will not be wasting your time promoting this service. The promo materials are great, customers love the product and you get paid over and over.

5. Get started earning commissions now. You do not have to wait months for your own product to be completed. Everything is ready to go. You just have to promote.

Here is how you get started earning both recurring and immediate commissions.

1. Sign up for free here.

2. Get a sales letter with your affiliate id here.

3. If you have your own list send a solo email blast to your list first.

4. No list? No problem. Here is a list of places where they will send a solo email ad out for you:

Free safelistmailer – 46,000 members

Solo Ad Blaster

Igor Kheifets

Heimir Finnson’s
High Quality Solo Ad Service

Emilis Strimaitis (Emka) Solo Ads Store – 200 clicks guaranteed.

Opportunity Advisor -200-500 clicks guaranteed.

Here is a directory of solo ad providers with reviews. Very good information.

I suggest you sign up for my Classified Ad Affiliate Program, get your solo email copy and start sending out solo emails promoting the classified ad submission program. Remember just one sale can add up to about $480 per year if they stay subscribed.




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