How to Customize Facebook Timeline for Business


When Facebook launched Timeline, it gave them an opportunity to make some changes to the profile page. Facebook members who opt to include Timeline to their profiles are given the chance to start a tale line starting from the day they were born to present. Given that Facebook not only caters to individuals, but business enterprises, Timeline has been made accessible to Fan Pages used by businesses.

This article highlights some of the most interesting features of the new Facebook Timeline which can be beneficial to the growth and expansion of your business.

Cover Image

As a Facebook user, you are allowed include a cover image to your Timeline. The cover image is a huge photo which is akin to a banner measuring 851 by 315 pixels. As a business owner, you need to take advantage of the cover image and place an impressive logo, crucial events or sales banners. The cover image is the first impression you make on the visitors to your page.

While adding an extraordinary cover image, you need to bear in mind the limitations provided by Facebook. The following are some of the limitations which you need to consider:

–          You are not allowed to post contact details (e.g. e-mail, phone number, postal address, URL, or fax) on your cover photo. These details are supposed to be posted in the About Section. The About Section is designed to provide more details about your business to the viewers of your profile page.

–          You are not allows to include information such as product prices on your cover photo.

–          You should not include Facebook features such as Like on your cover photo.


This feature allows you to showcase some of the successes you have had in your business. By making use of the Milestone feature, you can begin to record the achievements you have made in your business from the day it was launched into the market to date. You can also use the same feature to post future events. Milestone also allows you to share with your fans interesting stories.

Direct Messages

Because of spamming problem, Facebook had opted to do away with Direct Messages on Fan pages. However, it decided reactivate Direct Messages option so that businesses could have a means of communication with fans. In Facebook, Direct Messages is used as an emailing tool that businesses utilize to market their products and services. Messages can only be sent to users who have liked your Fan Page. Moreover, the feature allows your enthusiasts to send direct messages, thereby establishing direct contact with your business. The Direct Messages feature can be turned off if you find that it is not necessary.

Other Timeline features that are beneficial to the growth and expansion of your business are:

–          Admin Panel: This feature allows you to moderate conversations in your Timeline. Admin Panel consists of features such as notifications and insights.

–          Apps, Photos and Likes: This feature allows you to alter the way items are arranged on your Timeline.

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