Getting More Facebook Likes From Newsletter Unsubscribes


I use Getresponse.com for my autoresponder service. They have a co-registration service where you can run you small add on their website and people can opt in directly to your newsletter. All the ads are run from Getresponse.com’s high traffic website so there are no spam issues. Everything is in house.

The ads run on Getresponse.com’s website and the opt ins go directly to your Getresponse.com service. The leads cost about 35 cents each and really it is a pretty decent service if you have a good way to monetize the traffic.

But where do these ads run on Getresponse.com’s service exactly? They run on the unsubscribe pages of those thousands of Getresponse.com users who forget to disable 3rd party ads on their accounts. If you do not uncheck the disable 3rd party checkbox in your list settings (it is checked by default) a series of co reg checkbox ads will be shown whenever anybody unsubscribes from that Getresponse.com list.

This simple unusbscribe page generates tens of thousands of leads which Getrespons.com sells to it’s Power Leads customers. You generated the traffic for them and Getresponse.com get’s paid from your traffic!

Well, that is some great marketing by Getresponse.com. The good news is that you can uncheck the show 3rd party ads box and actually replace the default Getresponse.com unsubscribe page with your own custom unsubscribe page.

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Here is the page that people see when they unusbscribe from my lists: http://www.quickregisterseo.com/removed.html

It is nothing fancy. I just say “Sorry To See You Go!” then I remind them to pick up their free copy of my ebook “101+ Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website” as a free gift for having been a member.

In addition, of course, I let them know they have been officially unsubscribed from the list. Within 15 seconds they are redirected to my fanpage where if they like my page they get a free copy of my ebook.

So I am letting them know they successfully unsubscribed, I am creating good will by giving them a free gift, and I am potentially getting an extra like on my Fanpage if they opt for the free gift. I also have another opt in form where they can get a 10 part series by email on how to get backlinks to their website.

Isn’t this better than sending traffic to some co reg offers that I do not even get paid for!? You bet it is.

I would like to encourage you to find places on your website where you are not maximizing your traffic. If you use any type of autoresponder service make sure you have your own custom remove and stay on list pages. Almost all autoresponder services and scripts allow you to modify these pages. Check out the error pages on your website too.
(I just was Faceboking with Aweber. Apparently Aweber does NOT allow you to have your own custom html remove page. They host the page and you modify it a little bit but you cannot have your own full html page. This is a huge drawback to the popular autoresponder service.)

If people end up on a page not found on your domain maybe your should give them a good reason to like your fanpage. Up to you just make sure you are making good use of some of these forgotten areas for your benefit. Are you making good use of your error pages?

If you have some other ideas about places where we already have hidden traffic let us know in the comments area.

Matthew Meyer-May

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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.

Danella Rutherford - 2011/08/09

hi Matt,

As usual your info is choice!! thank you. I don’t use either getresponse or Aweber. They both too expensive! Plus I get better results and more facilities with my own. didn’t cost me an arm and a leg either. got ad-tracker, cappture page, rotator etc, all along with it too for no extrs.
Let me know if you are interested so I don’t get hauled over the coals for spamming or such, as us older people aren’t quite sure how these things work sometimes.
What we do innocently others say is scamming so I hope I’m not doing anything wrong in my words here. 🙂

Bless you muchly Matt, your info is so valuasble



    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/09

    Glad to hear you found a better and less expensive alternative to getresponse and aweber. Please let us know what it is. I am curious. sounds good. Thanks Danella.


      Danella Rutherford - 2011/08/09

      Hi again tonight Matt,

      Thanks for that note! I admit to being very surprised. It seems most knowlegable folks now-adays don’t bother to answer their comments online. So I did appreciate yours. Thank you.

      As to My auto-responder here is some info on it, and yes I know it’s my affiliate URL I am showing you, but us Pensioners have got past the stage of apologizing for looking out for ourselves whether online or off. 🙂
      here you are Matt, maybe it will be of some use to you. At least it’s a whole lot less expensive and does a wonderful job.




        Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/09

        You are right Danella, commenting on blogs can be a lot like talking to yourself sometimes! I will check out your autoresponder system. No problem with the affiliate link. Thanks for the info. Matt.


Joe - 2011/07/23

Great stuff Matt, keep it up!


Jesus Moreno - 2011/07/22

Good to know about these GetResponse facilities. I had no idea. Then, your post is very enlightening for people like me that ignore many secrets about the getting of website traffic. Thanks for that.
Jesus Moreno


matt - 2011/07/22

great info always enjoy reading 🙂


Ed Rude - 2011/07/19

Back when I had websites that were meant to make money, I noticed that my auto-responder had an error corrector for people who put in a bad e-mail address. There are two major reasons a person puts in an invalid e-mail – typos,and wants to download the special Info product without getting on my mailing list.
I changed the coding for the “failure page.” So when someone put in an invalid e-mail address, they would be sent to a page that told them “Use Control D and book mark this page, Then hit the back button and put in a better e-mail address.” The page had some special offers from other sites, using my affiliate link, of course.
Nowadays you can easily create that type of page by using “Instant Bonus Page” dot com.
Of course you need to check how your auto-responder deals with the error trapping, but I suspect it still will be some sort of special page on their site – just change it to a special page on your site.
And, of course make a special “Free-offer” that puts them into your down-line, or gets them to sign up for something they will very-likely upgrade into something you get paid for.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/07/19

    Hi Ed. Yes, most autoresponders allow you to customize the error pages. Be careful though. Do you want their email address or do you want to make them an offer on this page. If they did not subscribe to your newsletter then I would think the total focus should be on getting them subscribed to your autoresponder. I would not put any ads on this custom page. I would maybe put a recording or exact instructions on how to get subscribed. With unsubscribe pages the customer has already subscribed and now wants out. Then is a good time to hit him with another offer to keep him around. I like the way you think though. Creative. Thanks Matt.


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