Getting Backlinks And Building Link Popularity Through Distributing Original Ebooks


One great way to build backlinks to your website and to become an expert on your topic is to write an ebook on your subject matter and distribute it in a re-brandable format.

The key is that the ebook should be good enough to sell but you are giving it away for free. The content, graphics and even sales letter should be as if you were going to sell the product for top dollar.

Your Product Must Be Good Enough To Sell, Graphics, Content, Everything.

If you really provide a quality product and give people the re-distribution rights as well as re-branding rights they will be much more likely to share the book. If your readers have their own followers in your niche they should always be looking for a way to build a better relationship with their readers.

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Giving away a first class ebook on their very area of interest is definitely one way to build that better relationship.

Now, I know you must be saying “I do not feel qualified to write a great ebook on my subject.” Well, you are exactly the person who should write such a book! All the information is already out there you just need to do the research. And guess what? In doing so I guarantee you that you will become an authority on your subject! Learn by doing, learn by teaching. It works everytime!

Do Not Worry If You Do Not Feel Qualified To Write Such A Book. You Will Be By The Time You Are Done!

If you feel ambitious, I would suggest the “101 Ways To..” format. I know it is a bit cliche but it is a fantastic exercise. Anybody can use this technique to crystalize and better communicate their thoughts. Imagine if a politician wanted to become mayor of New York. He could write an ebook to distribute on their blog “101 Ways We Can Make New York City A Better City.” Think how this would focus his supporters. Nothing like having your very own manifesto!

Just use your imagination and start researching and writing. You will gain more and more confidence as you research and write.

Now in your ebook you can include relevant links back to your website and blog. You can even include high quality programs in your niche that you recommend via affiliate links. This way when people distribute your ebooks you will be getting links back to your site as they promote the ebook on social media and different websites.

There Is Nothing Like Having Your Own Manifesto To Focus Your Followers!

Here is a kicker. You can use a service called Viral PDF Generator to make it point and click easy for your users to re-brand your ebook with their affiliate links and websites. Your new distributors will be extra motivated to distribute your material if they have their website link in the report.

Not only are they building a better rapport with their list by distributing quality material but they can earn commission and generate viral traffic from their re-branded links from within the report.

Here is my review of Viral PDF Generator.

This is exactly what I have done with my free re-brandable ebook “101+ Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website.” If you would like to get your free copy just go to my Facebook Fanpage here, like the page and you will be able to download the ebook as is and you will get a link where you can re-brand the ebook with your 16 different affiliate links,your website and social media sites.

Here is another tip. Once you have created your ebook “101 ways etc..” each point in the ebook can be developed into it’s own full blown blog post/article which you can distribute for even more backlinks.

That is what I am doing here. The first “Way To Get Backlinks” in my ebook was the idea of distributing re-brandable original ebooks. I have simply developed that idea into a full article here.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you found this post interesting please share it on your Facebook wall.

Much Success,

Matthew Meyer-May

P.S. Here is an excellent post from Copyblogger on how to sell ebooks. Great post. Great blog.

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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.

Mark Riley - 2012/03/30

What are backlinks ??


Jose Castillo - 2012/02/18

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for the tip. Have you ever written about how to rebrand articles and e-books like yours, that are published in a rebrandable format? If you have, I missed it. It would be very helpful if tell me where to find it.
I would love to use your 101 ebook in the most efective way I possibly can. But I don’t know how. Any ideas?


    Matthew Meyer - 2012/02/19

    One way to use the ebook is as an incentive to join your newsletter exactly as I am on this blog. Good luck. Matt


Craig Wilson - 2011/08/19

Matthew I like what you’ve done with your blog and I like this post alot. I’m sort of a backlink freak and always looking for cool ideas to get more. Been sifting through some posts too and finding some great information.


sathishds - 2011/08/10

Are you have an idea of selling your e-book. Thank you very much for your idea. I already have an e-book i will work that using your idea. I think your thoughts may give good results.


Shanichole - 2011/08/09

I have been considering writing an ebook, and even thought about making if free, but I did not see the benefits until now. By baclinking, I can make my other writing more available, which will be more lucrative for me. Great info!!!


John Lindsey - 2011/08/08

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the idea. I have an ebook I was thinking about putting on Kindle, but I think your ideas will have better long term results. It’s not a 101 Ways, but it’s along the same lines. I think it might be worth trying. Actually, I could put it on Kindle also.



    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/08

    Hi John, the idea does not have to be a 101 ways deal. Actually I might have gone overboard. I think I put too many links to re-brand. Over 16. It might overwhelm people who want to distribute it. Even if people could just customize the report with their social media links and maybe one main affiliate program that would be maybe better than what I did. Distribute the book in as many places as possible. Good luck. Matt.


Shijo Paul - 2011/08/08

This is an intriguing concept Matt. The points you mention could be helpful to a wide variety of marketers in many niches.


Viswanadha - 2011/08/08

I have one question here in this (101+ Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website) is only about english language backlinks or other science related backlinks also.Its better if science related backlinks also available in this e book


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/08

    I approach the topic from an English language perspective but focusing on niche link building in different languages is a great idea.


Bharti - 2011/08/08

Your website is fabulous and you have created excitement with your ebook showing 101 ways to get backlinks. The best part is you are distributing it for free, I think those who have a passion or have a will to learn, will learn a lot from your 101 ways. Best wishes.


    Eddy - 2011/08/08

    Nice article … Add more regardless issues…


Anu Antony - 2011/08/08

great idea to create an ebook and distribute it for free.


Balu - 2011/08/08

Nice idea. I found this information very useful. Now, I want to create an e-book to popularize my blog. Thank you.


Toma - 2011/08/08

Hy, I always thought about how to make myself more popular in my domain and I must say this is an idea I never thought of. I like how you think about giving quality content for free in order to strengthen your position as an expert. Great post! It was indeed useful for me 🙂


akhilesh - 2011/08/08

i was searching in internet this and i finally got it.Thank you for you valuable information


sadaf - 2011/08/08

this contains amazing information it helps me allot to write an e book which i want to write but i want guideline which you give me


selva - 2011/08/07

This information is very useful to me…..because i have an idea to write e-book but i don’t know how to write….Thank you very much….


nirmal - 2011/08/07

dude,thanks for the information…i was searching for this,great one.


turk - 2011/08/07

this post is very useful. the information about writing e books is very clear and can be understood easily.


abbas nowshad - 2011/08/07

Thanks for giving me the idea of writing an e-book in a easy way. This post has helped me to clear up doubtsdoubt regarding self-publishing. I will also try to write a e-book.


Sonal Matani - 2011/08/07

You helped me alot dear….
Now I will make my own E-Book…:)


Nilesh - 2011/08/06

Definitely writing an E-book helps to get your website more popular. It’s a creative way to build backlinks.


lahampogi - 2011/08/06

great content I think I want to make my own e book now


Dominika - 2011/08/06

I don’t get how publishing an e-book would earn links or traffic for me if people overwrite my links with their own. It would be nice promotion and advertising for sure, but how would it build links? I feel like I’m overlooking an obvious implication. I could rewrite this book for guest articles and it give away for subscribers – what do you think? How did your experiment with this strategy work out?


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/06

    Great question Dominika. You still keep lots of links in the report back to you which are not re-brandable. You just have some links re-brandable so actually you share the traffic with those who distribute it. Great idea to re-write each point into a separate articles with some more elaboration. Actually that is exactly what I am doing. The first strategy in my ebook was the very one we are discussing here. Thank you for your comment. Matt.


Aji.B - 2011/08/06

Hi Matthew.. Its a nice idea that about an e-Book. I don’t have much experience in English, But I am studying. I like to write something online and upgrade my writing skills. I hope the e-Book will be a help. Am i right? If you read this, please reply me..


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/06

    Aji.B you learn by doing. I guarantee you if you write an ebook in English your English will improve. Have someone who is fluent in English edit it for you and review the corrections.


Jasih - 2011/08/06

e-books always are some excellent source for backlink creation. Most of the publishers are not investing time in its designing.


sesilia - 2011/08/06

Your way of thinking is really different and this is a way were many can follow you.


Missy - 2011/08/05

What a great idea! There are lots of people who tweet, blog or post to Facebook. But publishing an ebook — that’s the extra step that would make you stand out as an expert on your topic and get people to link to you.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/06

    Thank you for the comment Missy. Yes, If found it not only a good linking strategy but an excellent learning experience.


Ahmad Saad - 2011/08/05

hey millions of people like reading and many off them need them , it benefits both whether you decide to sell a book and generate new links with it or just to write the ebook to get your information out.


Arpita - 2011/08/05

Hey, your idea about “101 ways to….” and “Viral PDF Generator” looks amazing. Now I will definitely write an e-book.


nambirajan - 2011/08/05

this idea is very useful to me because from this concept I will be able to derive many ideas for posts from one ebook.


sajitha - 2011/08/05

This has helped me write an e book without any fear. i’ve got 101 ways to write it


Rithwik - 2011/08/05

This is a great idea, I have some writing skills but i didn’t know what to do to make some money through it. I am very much interested in this, i would like to know more about this.


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SAGGY_AN1992 - 2011/08/04

I was looking for the information like this on Google and found your website. I will now write an e book.


Nilesh patel - 2011/08/04

Getting Backlinks And Building Links. I would like to get more details about this subject ,Is it like search Engine Optimization ? Please elaborate.
I love to do this .


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/04

    Nitesh, I suggest downloading my free ebook 101 ways to get backlinks to your website. There is plenty of info there. Click the Facebook box on the right.


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