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I had a programmer set up a form mail script which will allow for the use of an smtp server for outgoing mail. I did this for my Manual Classified Ad Submission Service service so people could submit the details of their ad after payment. I wanted to be able to use an outgoing smtp server because often the email deliverability is better using a good smtp server than using the php mail from the server. You can even use a Gmail outgoing email server with this script. See here for details on how to do this.

Here are the features of the free script.

You can use your own smtp server for outgoing email for better deliverability.
You can send multiple attachments.
You have a drop down list for categories.
You can send the form submission details to any email address.
You can send the form submission details to any cc email address.
The submitter receives a thank you email.
You can customize the subject and the body of this confirmation email.
You can customize the url the submitter is sent to after submission.
You can customize the pop up thank you alert type message the submitter receives.
after they complete submission.
You can customize the from name.
You can customize the from email.

Here is a demo of the script. I have disabled the mailing because I do not want a bunch of mail going out from my server. But at least you can see what it looks like.

You can download the software for free here.

All I ask for the free use of this custom form mail script is that you keep the “Powered By quickregisterseo.com Free SMTP Form Mail Script” link in the footer. If you download it and use it a link back to this blog post and a comment would be nice as well!


Matthew Meyer

P.S. If you need any modifications I have left the email address of the programmer in the read me file. For a reasonable fee I am sure you can get him to modify the script for you to suit your needs. He is good, reasonable, and a very nice guy.

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