Finding SEO Software That Effectively Raises Rank


Best SEO Software

Shopping online for SEO software is comparable to doing the same for car insurance.  So many companies have an offering; not all will work for your needs, yet they have their own intricacies about them that set them apart from each other.  So, with such a large playing field to choose from in terms of legitimate, useful SEO software to use in conjunction with your website or blog, which companies are trustworthy, and which are selling a bogus tool? Take the time and effort to rank the ones that come up within the first two pages under the search term ‘seo software’; this will assist you in possibly avoiding a costly error in purchasing the right one.

The first total SEO tool package that we looked at was Traffic Travis, which is an intricate tool for SEO buffs and experts to better optimize their website or blog within the search ranks.  This piece of software can locate proper keyword strings, peek at your competitors and see how they are making their sites shine, and create a lovely list of suggested keywords for you.  After a brief visit to their website, it appears that the price of it is free; however, once downloaded, it would be an excellent idea to find out the underlying costs involved with continual use; mainly, because nothing usually comes up first in the searches that doesn’t cost, or at least that occurrence is rare.

Next up on the chopping block of SEO software companies is WebCEO, which is a tool like no other, and used by over 800,000 businesses and counting – or, so they claim.  It appears that their seo software does the same thing a few minutes with Google’s keyword tool and Traffic Travis could render, but with the unusually high cost of $499 attached to a 15 day trial.  Since smaller businesses are just getting going in the world of small business, this is an unfathomable suggestion to pay that kind of money for simply looking for keywords and analyzing the competition.  As an avid SEO professional myself, I would veer away from paying for what a little extra footwork could render for you and your company.

Finally, one of the better SEO software companies that we have dealt with is WordPress.  Huh? Yes, as you scratch your head in confusion, we’ll shed the proper light.  Think about what the initial goal of SEO software is – to analyze position, suggest, and implement strategies that work for big dynasties like Wal-Mart and Amazon.

However, WordPress is a freeware blog platform that gives you all of the meat-and-potatoes of SEO all in one package: the opportunity to create rich content, a plethora of plugins that are designed to optimize sitemaps, get you included into Google, and make sure that you have properly updated meta data.  All of the major necessities and implications of a paid seo software platform are yours free, so why go out and seek expensive SEO software to do a job that the largest human-edited blogging platform can do for free? Mull it over when it is time to launch your web dreams.

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