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email list

email list

Here’s a question – What’s happening  A LOT on the interwebz today? Spread of information? No. Was always there… Change? Yes, but not at a mind boggling rate…E-commerce store building? It’s rising too, but not quite close yet…



And unlike what many would have you believe, this is NOT good news.

Hang on, what could I mean by this? Here’s what I’m trying to say – irrespective of what niche you’re a customer of (including the IM niche), everyday we have 80 million inboxes flooded with emails saying –

“Hey! You need to go buy this product.”

“You gotta check this cool strategy out.”

“Here’s the launch shaking everyone…”

Why does this happen? Why do these thousands of morons have to keep doing launches??

Because most of the people who know how to do marketing online are just too lazy and jackass to do it RIGHT ! Now wait a second, the guys who popularized this whole launch thing and devised the launch plans and formulas had good intentions. They had a reason to pull off breakthrough launches. They were needed badly (and still are in the right places and niches).

So I’m not trying to bash product launches per se. But this whole business model of – “all I can do online is a product launch” – is incestuous…

If all you know how to do is to call up your buddies and some big names in you market and beg them to run a mailing for you, then that’s NOT marketing. That’s NOT called building a stable business. It’s called building “hype”. And this is frightening as that hype could flatten out any day, flattening your online presence with it.

You will almost never see a true internet marketer do a large scale launch that involves multiple affiliate partners (unless he’s crossed $50 million to start a brand). Despite that, he’s still at his business and does pretty well. I know tons of these guys and admire them because they KNOW how to build front end lead funnels and how to convert them into respectful, grateful and satisfies buyers.

It’s these lead funnels that I call real email “LISTS” and building and converting them is a necessity for a long term business idea.

Having an email list that responds to you and that you’re not continuously bombarding with offers is what you can rely on when you want income on demand.


If you build a list that has more of keen leads that want to buy from you rather than a bunch of people you stole from your JV buddies or stud-puppets you picked from a lame landing page that you’re continuously running tests on, you’ll have more profits with lesser effort. You’ll have true potential of earning passive income online.

Let me end this rant session with an example you could draw something from…

You’re a hardworking guy and you keep a set of your breakthroughs with you all the time in a small pad. They’re in a ready state that you could pull them into a valuable report in a few short minutes and you’ve made a few of those and kept them on the backburner, maybe even in your email account.

Say you went to a 7 star hotel in Vegas with your family. You spent the evening enjoying and had a king’s dinner. Finally when the bill comes, you realize that you forgot your wallet! No credit card available either…

Now what?

Well, for most people, this would alarm their brains off. But if you know your stuff, you’ll just get to one of their computers and send a small email to your loyal email list about one of your valuable break through reports. You tell them what it’s about, how it helps and just quote a small price. Within 20 minutes, there would be enough purchases to pay for the entire day’s expenditure and you now just credit them into your account.

That’s the power of building an email list. How’s that like your life?

Why you MUST have an email list – INCOME ON DEMAND

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