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What Is Your Favorite Web Hosting Company?


If you are looking for VPS or dedicated servers just sign up with Servint. You cannot lose. I have been with them for years. To say their customer service is excellent simply does not do them justice. Any time day or night for years they have solved my most difficult technical problems quickly and with total competence and professionalism.

Even when I have had problems which really were not within the parameters of web hosting support they dived in and helped me. And they are good. Really good technically. The tech support staff that you first contact are their top line people. Some web hosting companies put their less experienced people on the first line of calls and then if the problem is too difficult they kick it up to the more experienced techs. I have never come up with one issue that their first line tech support could not handle. If you are looking at dedicated servers or VPS servers then a couple of dollars difference in prices is not what you should be looking at. Your web business is too valuable to be down even for a few hours. You need the peace of mind knowing you have professionals managing your web presence. I have been online for over 10 years and I have tried many web hosting companies. I give Servint an A++ rating. Fantastic company.

Another company which is superb for VPS and dedicated servers is Liquid Web. I rarely use their tech support because everything just works all the time. You order the server and it works immediately. This is actually quite rare. Many times the servers are not set up right, the DNS set up is not complete, and you have to go through a whole dance to get your server up and going. You are almost shocked when you log in for the first time and everything just works! The first time. Liquid Web is also a good business web host. They understand the needs of busy sites and want to do everything they can to see you succeed online. The few times you need tech support they respond quickly and competently. For managed dedicated servers and VPS servers I highly recommend Liquid Web. I have personally used both Servint and Liquid Web for years.

If you are looking for shared hosting you might check out Host Gator. I do not personally use them because I do not use shared hosting. My needs have grown. They have very competitive packages and are one of the largest companies out there for shared hosting. HostGator is one of the world’s top 10 largest web hosting companies with more than 2,500,000 hosted domains. You can get web hosting starting at $4.95 per month for UNLIMITED Disk Space and UNLIMITED Bandwidth. This is good is you are just getting started with your own website and domain which I highly recommend.

So my recommendations for dedicated and VPS servers are:
1. Servint
2. Liquid Web

You may wonder why I do not list more companies. I have tried many dedicated server hosting companies and most of my experiences have been negative. It is amazing. Problems with hacking, not understanding how busy sites work, lack of basic technical competence, poor overall support and on and on. I wish I had a bigger list great companies but the companies above have been tested by fire. They are first rate.

My recommendation for shared hosting is Host Gator. I do not use them for my sites but they have very competitive packages for beginners. What are your favorite hosting companies? Please tell me the reasons behind your choice. This is an important topic and we can all benefit from each others experiences.

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