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101+ Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website


1. Write A High Quality Ebook That You Could Normally Sell And Give It Away For Free– Include valuable links back to your website in the article and links to valuable services in your industry that have affiliate programs.

Offer the ebook as an incentive to join your lists. Remember the ebook should be good enough to sell but you are giving it away for free. People in your niche should be super motivated to join your list. Then offer to let your subscribers distribute a re-branded version of your ebook. Use Viral PDF generator which will let your subscribers re-brand their ebook with their affiliate links with just a few clicks.

The ebook they distribute will be re-branded with their affiliate links. Your subscribers will be motivated to distribute the book because they can offer a high quality product to their visitors and they can make money with targeted first rate affiliate programs. Quality is the first consideration when creating the material and when choosing an affiliate program.

You number one priority is to offer value. If your product is quality, if the programs you recommend are quality then people will be more likely to distribute the re-branded ebook and the more links back to your website you get.

2. Submit Your Site And Articles To 300 Article Directories, 300 Website Directories, And 300 Social Bookmarking Sites– has a service which will submit your websites and articles to 300 article directories, 300 social bookmarking sites and 300 high traffic categorized directories. It is a free service and is a nice start to getting backlinks to your website.

The software submits your content in semi-automatic mode which helps you get into higher quality directories. See here to create your free account and to start submitting your content.

3. Start A YouTube Channel And Place Links In Your Channel And Video Descriptions– YouTube videos get indexed very quickly. Create short videos and upload as many as you can to YouTube. Make sure your links are in your video and in your channel descriptions.

If you do not know how to make videos here are a couple of services which make it easy:

Article Video Post Robot will turn your articles into videos without you having to speak a word yourself.

Animoto makes it easy to create beautiful videos without any voice, acting or editing talent is Animoto.

4. Write Original Articles And Manually Submit Them To Article Directories– You can start with and

5. Use Unique Article Wizard to submit different versions of your articles to 1000’s of article directories and blogs See here to learn more about Unique Article Wizard.

6. Start A Blog. Make one post per day. Include links back to your website.

7. Open A Facebook Account And Create A Fanpage- Take the valuable ebook you created that you are giving away and give it to people who like your fanpage. You can also ask them to join your list.

8. Post Links To Your Blog And To Others On Your Facebook Fanpage-Facebook has a viral effect. If you start posting links to your blog on your fanpage it can be liked and shared giving opportunities for the fans of your fans to link to your posts.

9. Use The 50/50 Facebook Rule To Increase Backlinks– Spend about half your time on Facebook visiting other peoples fanpages in your niche and being helpful in that community and the other half of your time adding quality content to your Facebook fanpage.

Do not post any direct links on other people’s fanpages without the permission of the fanpage owner. People will see your link to your Facebook fanpage when you make helpful comments.

If you make interesting comments many will click on your username and like your fanpage. They will then have access to your quality content and have the opportunity to share your content with other users.

Do all your commenting on other people’s fanpages from your fanpage account. This way if they click on your link they will be taken to your fanpage where they can get your valuable ebook if they like your page. Then once they like your page they will receive all your valuable links on their wall when you post them on your fanpage. Here is a blog post on how to get more traffic and backlinks from Facebook.

10. Use Facebook Notes– Facebook notes are like a mini blog platform within Facebook. You can create Facebook notes which link to your blog posts. You can write complete blog posts or you can write a teaser in Facebook notes and tell people to go to your blog or website to learn more.

11. Tag Other Fanpages That You Have Liked In Your Facebook Notes If you have already liked a Facebook fanpage you can include a tag to that fanpage in your Facebook to these other fanpages that you have liked. The kicker is that all the fans of the fanpage you tag will also see the note. Make sure you have permission of the Facebook fanpage owner that you are tagging before you tag them.

12. Join A Facebook “Tagging Gang”- You already have learned that if you tag your Facebook notes with the pages that you have already liked that your content will be sent to all the friends of the pages you tagged as well as your friends.

So why not get together with some of your Facebook buddies and create a “Tagging Gang.” -You agree to allow them to tag you and you get to tag your content to their page. Of course you have to agree to only tag relevant quality material but if everybody plays ball you can get major exposure for your content on Facebook.

This gives you the advantage of leveraging all of each other’s fans. Make sure you really have an affinity with each other’s content and that you are in the same niche. Thank you Chris Farrell for teaching me this technique! He has a great course on internet marketing for beginners. See here to learn more about Chris Farrell’s course.

13. Create A Twitter Account And Start Tweeting– Tweet links to your valuable content on all platforms, including YouTube, your blog, Facebook and your website. Make sure you fill out your Twitter profile completely with links to your websites, YouTube and other social media accounts. When you do please follow me on Twitter here. Follow me and I will follow you!

14. Use Software Like Tweetdeck To Auto Follow And Unfollow The Twitter Followers Of The Top People In Your Industry– Set up a Twitter Direct Message (DM) sending out a link to your fanpage where you are giving away your free ebook which has links back to your site.

15. Use Contentbuzz To Submit Your Videos And Content To Over 30 Video Hosting, Image Hosting And Social Media Sites– Your content will not only be submitted to the above outlets but also will be automatically submitted to their in house network which cross bookmarks each others content in each other’s social media. Pretty wild you have to check this completely unique service out.

16. Join A Forum– Become and active member and include a link back to your website or fanpage in your signature. You can start by joining The Free Ad Forum here. Do not forget to introduce yourself in the introductions area.

17. Start A Forum- Get other people to post valuable content on your forum. Ask them to bookmark all their posts and to link back to you. Help them promote their content on your forum with all the above methods. The most popular and best forum software is Vbulletin. You can use a good free software called PHBB.

18. Start A Free Service And Ask People To Link Back To You In Exchange For Using The Free Service– I started as a free search engine submission service. I simply asked people to link back to me in exchange for using the service for free. I provided the linking and banner codes to make it easy for them. Hundreds linked back to me.

Now the site is a article, directory and social bookmark semi-automatic submission service. I still ask people to link to me. I also do so on my free classified ads site. Oh yes and by the way.. Please link to me here.

19. Start A Newsletter– Start collecting the names and emails of everyone who comes to your site. You will need an autoresponder service for this. Here are some reviews of top services. Wait. “how does this get me back links?” you say. Hold on . Read the next point and you will see where I am going.

20. Just Ask People To Link To You– If you collect the emails of everyone who joins your site, or blog with an autoresponder you can send them a nice message simply asking them for a link back to your website. You will be surprised how many people will just do it. Also ask people to embed your YouTube videos and to bookmark your blog posts in their favorite social media. Ask and you shall receive.

21. Completely Fill Out All Your Social Media And Forum Profiles – For most social media accounts there is a place to put a website link or multiple website links. Make sure you fill all this information out completely. Include a picture, bio, everything that is relevant to your business.

Include your YouTube channel link, Twitter link, Facebok link, blog link, and website links. Do not neglect this. These are very highly ranked websites. People could find you through your profiles before they could find you through your own website.

22. Submit Your Rss Feed To Rss Feed Directories– You have more RSS feeds than you think you do. Your YouTube accounts, Daily Motion, your blog, your article directory accounts, your podcasts, you can pretty much make an rss feed out of any content.

Submit these feeds to the major RSS directories and enjoy backlinks from these highly ranked sites. Check out RSS Submitter software which will submit your RSS feeds to over 60 RSS feed directories quite efficiently.

23. Comment On Other Relevant Blogs– Find the top blogs in your industry and make regular intelligent comments. Most blog comments allow a link back to your website. If you write interesting comments people can click on these links. Plus they are highly relevant links on top rated sites in your industry.

This is a very powerful technique. I have checked the back links of some of the top backlink experts and I noticed that the majority of their links are coming from other blogs. The problem is that it is time consuming.

You can use Blog Comment Demon to help you automate this process. Hold on, I know what you are thinking. This sounds like some sort of spam software. It is not. This software simply helps you find other blog posts on the same subject as yours and lets you make individual comments on each blog. It is an organizer.

Do not just go to any blog and leave comments like “cool site.” First most blogs have software which automatically delete spam comments so you are wasting your time. Even worse the blog could have software which puts you into a central database of spammers making it more difficult for you to make comments on other blogs using the same software. Third blog owners are not stupid and you will most likely alienate them rather than creating a good relationship.

You must read each blog post and make a personal relevant comment about the post. Most blog owners love great comments. I do! Comment all you want here and be sure to leave a link back to your site in the website field. (Not in the comment itself.)

Could you outsource this? Yes, but be careful. The number 1 quality your outsourcer must have is the ability to read, understand, and create relevant comments on each post. He cannot just copy and paste the same comment everywhere. He must be making real specific comments on each post.

Possible Outsourcing Project:
1. Hire outsourcer at to make comments for you. (They must be good writers!)
2. Train them on Blog Comment Demon.
3. Tell them to take 1 of your blog posts per day and make 100 highly relevant individual comments on blogs discussing the same subjects with a link in the link field back to your exact post of that subject on your blog.
4. Tell them to open a notepad and keep track of all blog post urls where you left a comment.
5. Use Bookmark Demon to bookmark all those blog posts in the top 60 social bookmarking sites.

Do this for one month and you will have left 3000 highly targeted comments with links back to your exact blog post with those same keywords. Not all will approve your comments but if your comments are real and relevant most will.

This will give you “deep links” on blogs exactly related to your topics.

24. Place Trackbacks To Other Blogs From Your Blog– Place links to other quality, relevant blog posts on your blog. If they have trackbacks enabled a link back to your blog post will show up at the end of their blog post back to your blog post. These back links can really add up.

You can even link to blog posts on Google’s official blog if your posts are relevant. They usually list quite a few trackbacks on their posts. These are obviously highly ranked pages plus they generate huge traffic.

Another advantage to linking other bloggers in your niche is that they get to know you and this can open the door for joint ventures.

If you link back to other bloggers place a comment on their blog about their post and let them know that you linked back and where. If they approve the comment that will be another link back to your site.

TrackbackSpeed – is a quality software product which will help you find highly targeted blogs and place trackbacks on your blogs. I have personally purchased and am using this software with excellent results.

25. Use Bookmark Demon To Bookmark All Your Content– Bookmark Demon will bookmark your blog posts, forum posts, posts on other blogs and forums with your links on them, your rss feeds, your YouTube videos, your Daily Motion Videos, Your Facebook pages. Squidoo page, articles and any other content you have with links back to you in over 60 major social bookmarking sites. You should be bookmarking every link that has links to you.

26. Create And Promote A Series Of Products On Clickbank Using Easyclickmate– Usually when you use Clickbank to have affiliates promote your product affiliates use Clickbank urls. You are not getting any direct links back to your domain.

If you change or discontinue your product all the links go back to Clickbank not you. If you use Easyclickmate as your affiliate manager your affiliates are promoting your links not Clickbank urls.

While the product is active you are getting real back links to your domain giving your domain SEO benefits. Plus if you discontinue your product or your relationship with Clickbank the links on affiliates websites go back to your website not Clickbank’s url.

27. Join The Backlinks Forum This Backlinks Forum is a very busy forum dedicated entirely to the subject of backlinks. Not internet marketing, not making money online, just getting backlinks. If you hang out there listen, learn and ask questions you cannot help but become an expert in getting backlinks. Remember to fill out your signature file with a link back to your website and to completely fill out your profile.

28. Submit Your Site To The Whois Database Engines– Have you ever done a Google search for your own domain name? If you do you probably will see listings for your domain on sites like or They list the basic whois information, a brief description, and maybe even an evaluation of your site estimated worth.

I even set up a site like this here. The advantage of submitting your website to these sites is that they are generally highly ranked and they give you almost instant backlinks. It is a very fast process.

The problem is that it can be tedious submitting your site to all these websites. However, you can use software such as BacklinkSpeed which will submit your website to over 3,150 of these type of sites in just a few clicks. It would be extremely time consuming to submit to that many websites manually. This software automates the process.

29. Claim and Review Your Website on– Speaking of whois domain database type of websites let us not forget about Alexa. If you have any traffic to your domain Alexa probably has some basic info on your website already.

However, you can claim your Alexa page, verify your website and write a more complete profile with accurate and more favorable information to you. You can also review your site or have others review your site and include a link back to your websites in your profile.

30. Claim your Google Places Page Here is an article which explains the basics of Google Places– Google has set up 50 million local mobile optimized, Google maps integrated websites for local businesses.

Is your business local? Do you have a local mailing address? If so you can claim your Google Places page and optimize it for your niche by adding links, videos, pictures, descriptions, and reviews. These pages get ranked often above the other Google natural listings, and the most reviewed and most complete profiles in each niche generally get top ranked.

31. Submit Your Blog To Blog Directories– You can do this manually or automate the process with Blog Blaster

32. Submit Software To Software Directories– There are thousands of freeware and shareware software directories out there. If you have your own original software you can submit your software to these directories and you will create thousands of high quality backlinks to your website..

Not only will you get links but many people actually visit these sites and download the software. They are some of the most highly trafficked websites around. What? You do not have any software? You can download over $6000. of PLR software many with ready to sell websites for free here.

The best way to submit your software is to use Robosoft software submission software. It is a serious high quality software which will submit your software to around 1000 high traffic software directories. You can check out Robosoft here.

Here is a blog post on how to get subscribers to your newsletter and massive back links submitting software to the software directories.

33. Create Your Own Web-Based Software, Give It Away, And Keep The “Powered By” Link-

This does not have to be that complicated. For example, I just paid a programmer $20. to add smtp capability and a few other features to a simple form mail script he had already coded for me.

I can now give this software away on the software directories and the script directories like I am getting back links by being listed on the directories but there is a kicker. When people install the free software the “powered by SMTP Form Mail Script” link is at the bottom of the script.

The script is on their website which gives me another back link to my website.

I can simply ask the user of the software to keep the powered by link in exchange for using the free software I created. You can download the script yourself here for free. It is actually a pretty cool form mail script.

You can hire programmers for small jobs like this on for very little. You can hire programmers to create or modify open source scripts and submit them to the directories with your “powered by” links.

34. Create Your Own Firefox Plugins And Give Them AwayI got this idea from Aaron Wall of SEOBook. He has given away SEO software and tools as a Firefox plugin. His SEO website is ranked as the 800th busiest website in the world.Do you think that the 130,000 plus users who are using his free Firefox plugins have anything to do with his popularity? Again, you can hire programmers at many of the free lance sites, like Elance, and Getacoder. Here is a nice list of Freelance sites where you can hire programmers.

35. Create Your Own WordPress Plugins And Upload Them To There are millions of blogs using wordpress.Having a link back to your site from with your own valuable plugin is as high quality of a link as you can get.

If you have a great idea for a wordpress plugin fine but you can look at those that you like already and hire a coder to make one similar but with your own twists. Just be a little creative. You do not have to code it yourself just see what feature you like and do not like and hire the programmer to code it for you.

You can even include an option for the bloggers to keep a link back to you and your site on their blog if they use the plugin . How would you like to have and thousands of blogs linking back to you as well?

36. Create Low Lost Ebooks And Distribute Them With The Major Ebook PublisersYou can now sell your ebooks, on Barnes and Noble (Nook), Ebay, Clickbank, Amazon. Here are some more places where you can sell your ebooks

You should set up accounts with all of them. Each time you set up an account you not only have a chance of selling your ebook but you are getting valuable back links to your website.

37. Use Scrapebox To Put Your Link Building On Steroids- This powerful software submits rss feeds, does blog commenting, and trackback posting software Be careful with automated tools such as these.

They can be great time savers but if you use them to just blast a bunch of spam or junk content it will end up hurting you not helping you. Use with caution!

38. Use SEnuke Software To Create Backlinks Well established popular SEO software that has many features to create massive backlinks.

39. Answer Site Marketing Become an active member of sites like Yahoo Answers and start asking and answering questions in your area of expertise. Yahoo Answers get massive traffic. Having your answers and links there will not only give you more backlinks but more credibility in your field. Here is a list of some of the major answer sites:

Here is an article I wrote on how I have used Answer Marketing.
Here is a great article by Loren Baker where he explains his Yahoo Answer Marketing Strategies in detail.

40. Nuclear Link Blaster Another high test link building software much talked about on the forums. It relies heavily on creating profiles on various platforms. Use with caution!

41. IBP SEO and link building software by Axandra. IBP is a combination SEO optimization software, social bookmark submission software, reciprocal link builder, search engine and directory submission software.

I have purchased the software and I can attest to it’s quality. Here is a more in depth review I did of the software. I used the reciprocal link building tool with mixed results. See what happened here.

42. Place Classified AdsNot only are classified ads sites very highly ranked websites but real people actually search these sites for products and services. It is free to advertise on websites like Craigslist and and they get millions of visitors.

So why not take advantage of the traffic and the backlinks? Here is a list of the top 30+ highest traffic classified ads sites where it is not a waste of time to post your ads.

Here is a service which will submit your classified ad manually to all the above classified ads sites.

Here is my classified ads site The Free Ad Forum Classifieds. You can place as many free ads as you wish right now.

43. Create Links In Your Social Media Profiles-Have you fully filled out your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and every other social media profile you have? Make sure you include links, bio, and a picture.

All these platforms are highly ranked and may be found before people actually find your website. They should all represent you well and of course you should have links to all your websites there.

44. Sick SubmitterThey are drooling over this software in the backlinks forum. Here is what Sick Submitter does for you:

Profile Submitter
Directory Submitter
Bookmark Submitter
Up to 30 threads at once
Links for ALL your sites (Unlimited Links)
Abilty to create your own Link Packets with a Simple Wizard
Automatically Inserts your Targeted Link
Ability to code your own Templates for different platform
Full Link Creation Report
Article Submitter
RSS Submitter One-Touch Email Confirmation and Validation
The Best Spinner integration
One-Touch Pinging of Created Profiles
Full Tracking of all Created URLs

That ought to keep you busy! Make sure you are only putting out quality links! Just getting a bunch of garbage back links will end up hurting you not helping.

When people find your information they should have a good experience. Keep this in mind when using any automated software.

45. Professional Directory Submission– Do not want to do all the work yourself? Here is a service where they will submit your site to 350+ directoriesand continue to build backlinks every month for you.

46. Build Backlinks On Autopilot With Service Basically you submit or have write and submit an article for you of about 150 words. In each article you include one backlink to your site.

Buildmyrank the gradually builds backlinks to your site over a variety of networks. See here for more details.

47. Guest Blogging– There are many popular blogs looking for quality original articles to publish on their blogs. It helps them because they do not have to think of material and it helps you because you get backlinks and exposure on established well promoted media in your niche.

Even if they do not have a published guest blogger policy you can just offer a quality original article and see what they think. The worst thing that happens is that they get to know you!

48. Press Release Submission Submitting press releases can be a very effective way to get quite a few backlinks. There are free press release submissions services that you can get started with.

If you want to spend big money getting your message out to the major media make sure you have something very special to announce. Here is a list of sites where you can submit press releases.

49. Create Squidoo Lenses Create keyword targeted Squidoo lenses with links back to your websites and videos. Then go ahead and use Bookmark Demon to bookmark your Squidoo Lenses in all the major social bookmarking sites. You could use Bookmark Demon to automate this bookmarking process.

50. Submit Tutorials To How To Sites-Even if you are not quite an expert in your field one of the best ways to become an expert is to start teaching others. Here is a great list of 15 how to tutorial type sites

51. Create Custom RSS Feeds Of All Your Content And Submit Them To The RSS Feed Aggregators– You can use RssMIX to combine your rss feeds into one big rss feed and submit them to the major RSS feed aggregators.

You then can take that content and put it into a your mega custom RSS feed that you make with RSSMIX and submit it to the major RSS feed aggregators. Kim Roach has a good video on exactly how to do this. Check it out here.

Here is some excellent software which will submit your RSS feeds to the 65 of the major RSS aggregators in one shot.

52. Put Your Content On HubPages- HubPages is another property like Squidoo. Go ahead and submit your content to Hubpages as well and do not forget to turn your content into an RSS feed and submit it to the RSS feed aggregators as we discussed in the previous tip.

Here is an article on how to get backlinks with Hubpages.

53. Create Your Own Widget out Of Your Blog Feed And Submit It to Widget Directories-

Their website is updated with new content in real-time making their site more interesting plus you get back links in the widget on their site back to your blog. Here is a simple widget I made with Widgeteasy free service:

You can make much more attractive widgets with but it is a paid service. Just click on the “Get Widget Link” to get the code to paste on your site to paste my widget on your website.

You will then get my latest blog updates in real time right on your website. This also creates interesting engaging content for your readers. After you have created your widget you may submit it to the many widget directories.

Here are some widget directories:

By the way, Widgeteasy is getting mega backlinks from offering a free service which includes a link back to their website. The more widgets given away the more links they have. Very nice Widgeteasy!

54. Create Your Own Customized Alexa Toolbar And Distribute It On Your Website Or Blog, which is one of the most popular website ranking services now will allow you to create your own branded Alexa Toolbar to distribute to your visitors.

Toolbar Benefits For The Webmaster:

* Keep your brand in front of users
* Increased Traffic to your website.
*Boost your Alexa Rank.
*Increase your feed subscribers.
*Build your Fb fans, Twitter followers.

Toolbar Benefits for Users:

*Quick access to their favorite website.
*Quick access to your Fb and Twitter accounts.
*Quick access to your Gmail and Amazon Wishlist
*Quick search to your favorite website.
*Instant access to website RSS feeds and Twitter updates.

Plus this Toolbar is branded with a link back to your website! So while your users are surfing they will always have a link to your website handy in the toolbar. Nice! You can get your branded Alexa Toolbar here. Here is my Alexa Tool Bar install page.

55. Register Your Blog And Submit Articles And Videos To Zimbio Zimbio is about the 300th busiest website in the world according to and boasts over 20 million readers per month! Ok so “that is nice for them but what is in it for me?”

I will tell you, you can register your blog with Zimbio and everytime you make a blog post it is automatically posted on Zimbio! Not only that but you can submit articles to this site and create a nice juicy profile with pictures and links back to your website.

You can register for Zimbio here. Once you register your blog with Zimbio you get a badge like mine below:

My Zimbio Top Stories According to Zimbio if I post my badge you have a chance of giving me “Kudos” which is their rating system. The more Kudos I have the more likely I am to be featured.

So could you please give me a Kudo? I tell you what, if you give me one when you sign up and register your blog with Zimbio I will be glad to reciprocate. Getting featured on a site with 20 million viewers is a pretty nice backlink opportunity.

Here is an article I just posted on Zimbio. The article links to a blog post on my blog and also was categorized in a “SEO Zine” on Zimbio. There are major backlink opportunities on Zimbio. You can even include your YouTube videos.

One more thing. Check out my Zimbio profile with some nice juicy backlinks to my site and my blog. Thank you Zimbio!

56. Set Up A Profile On LookupPage.comOk this is nowhere near as good as Zimbio but you might as well set up a quick profile here. It is basically just a place to list your business details and they give the ability to upload your logo and link your website to it. It is kind of like a bare bones Google Places page.

They offer upgraded packages for more visibility but I do not really see much value in that. Just set up a quick free page, get that link and let’s move on. Check out my profile here.

57. Fill Out A Profile With Links On Visibleme.comSimilar to but better. You can set up a profile with a bunch of links. For some reason Google ranks these profile sites rather highly. I am not sure why they just aggregate info. However, you might as well take advantage.

They let you put quite a few links inluding any feeds you might have which are updated in real-time on their site. You also get another badge. I guess I need these “stinkin’ badges.” Here is mine. Click on it to see my profile on

Matthew Meyer

58. Submit Your Site To The Cool Site Of The Day And Other Cool Site Of The Day Type SitesWith this site you submit your website and if you get featured they let all 150,000 members know about it.

There is no guarantee here but it just takes a second to submit your site to these types of sites. Are you feeling luck? You can try submitting your site to these two sites:

I would not spend much time with these two techniques. Just submit and run. If they pick up your site great, if not you have not wasted much time.

59. Exchange Blog Reviews With Other BlogsThere are plenty of blogs who will write a review of your blog and post in on their blog if you do the same for them. This is essentially blog review swapping.

A mutual admiration club of sorts since I doubt you will be exchanging scathing reviews of each other’s sites though that might be fun in a sick sort of way! Having a semi impartial review and/or endorsement of your site on a respected blog is some of the best advertising and backlinking you can get.

Here is a list of sites who engage in this type of activity.

60. Submit Coupons To Coupon DirectoriesYou can submit coupons to sites like Coupon Cabin and My Coupon Codes and get valuable backlinks as well as actual customers.

Here are some tips to remember when submitting your coupons to coupon directories: always include your principal keywords in your listing title, remember to promote your listings to your existing customer base, include several listings under the same brand name but with different titles and keywords to get more exposure on the site.

Here is a more complete list of coupon sites.

61. Use Odiogo To Turn Your Blog Posts Into Podcasts And Submit Them To The Podcast DirectoriesOdigo free service will turn your written blog posts into audio files that can be listened to by Itunes or any other podcast player.

If you install their wordpress plugin it will install a little “Listen Now” icon next to your blog posts. Your viewers can choose to listen to your blog posts rather than read your blog posts. They can also download the mp3 file of your blog post to their computer and listen and share your audio version of your blog post.

Check out any of the posts on my blog here to see a live example. To be clear, you do not have to record anything. Odigo will read you blog post automatically and transform it to an audio file. The voice is a pretty good computer generated voice. Your viewers then have the option of listening to your blog post or reading it.

You can take the mp3 files it creates and submit them to the podcast directories. Here is a list of podcast directories where you may submit your podcasts.

Odigo also creates an audio rss feed of your blog posts. Here is mine as an example. You can take this feed and bookmark it in all the social bookmarking sites with Bookmark Demon as well as submit it to the RSS directories with RSS Submitter.

You can also use the very same RSS feed from Odigo and submit it to all the podcast directories. See here to register your blog with Odiogo for free now. If you want to submit your individual mp3 files to podcast directories you need to create an RSS feed for your podcast.

Don’t worry it is not that hard. Here is a tutorial on how to create a podcast rss feed using

An even less technical solution for creating your rss feeds you can use a service called Read My Words. This service will take any text document or blog post and automatically turn it into an audio recording.

It will then give you a feed to use for your podcast submissions. They even turn your audio into a video that you can embed with a sort of cartoon character reading your podcast. Very easy to use service.

Here are some instructions for submitting your podcast to iTunes:

1. Open the iTunes program.

2. Sign-in to the iTunes Music Store. You may need to create an account if you don’t have already one.

3. Within the Music Store, there is a section called “Podcasts” on the left hand side menu bar. Click on “Podcasts”.

4. Click on “Submit a Podcast” on the left hand side menu bar.

5. Enter in your podcast feed URL.

6. Follow the simple on-screen instructions provided.

62. Buy Existing Websites That Have Been Neglected By Their Owners But Still Have Traffic And Potential

Some webmasters lost interest, get distracted, or just do not care anymore about their websites. You might put an extra coat of paint on, maybe apply some of the skills you learned in this article and turn lemons into lemonade.

Some sites may have traffic but they have not even tried to build a list! Some already have built in lists because they have lots of members. A subscriber is worth about $1. usually so that can give you some ideas.

If you could buy a site in your niche with 30,000 members for $300. it would be a fantastic deal. I saw one for sale in the Digital Point Forum below. There are lots of possibilities here.

Here are some places you can find websites for sale: 7

63. Hire Workers From To Like Digg And Bookmark Or Comment About Your Content is a job site where you can hire people to do small tasks. For example if you needed 50 different people to Digg your blog post you could post the job on and it can get down.

You could even hire somebody to make relevant comments on other blogs with links back to your blogs. The link building possibilities are endless. A good resource.

Just imagine what you would do of an army of internet workers? See here to check out

64. Create An Info Product-Offer 100% And Immediate Paypal Commissions To Affiliates Using Rapid Action Profits Affiliate Script Rapid Action Profits is a server based script which allows you to offer an affiliate product for your digital products. You can choose to give your affiliate 100% commissions to give them the motivation to promote your info products.

Affiliates are even more motivated because they get paid immediately to their Paypal account. There is no waiting to get paid as with affiliate systems like Clickbank. The advantage to you is that the links they use on their sites will be leading to your site.

The more affiliate links affiliates place around the web the more backlinks you get.

Plus this is a great way to build your mailing list. True you do not receive immediate cash for your product but your affiliates are super motivated and they will be an army of affiliates out there promoting your product.

You can build your list and your traffic and offer other products to these new visitors where you can earn money. To learn more about Rapid Action Profits please see here.

65. List Your 100% Commission Info Product On Rapbank.comRapid Action Profits, discussed in the previous point, has it’s own marketplace where you can showcase your Rapid Action Profits affiliate program to recruit potential affiliates.

Not only do you have a chance of getting more affiliates and therefore more backlinks but you also get direct backlinks to your website on the Marketplace.

This is similar to the Marketplace except it is exclusively for Rapid Action Profits powered affiliate programs. Affiliates who go there are more motivated because they know they will get paid immediately. See here to learn more about

66. Start A Service Which Takes Automatic Submissions From Submission Services

Years ago I started a website called It was an ffa link network. Submission services promised to submit their customers websites to thousands of directories and ffa pages. My service was one of the networks they submitted.

Submission services slammed my network with submissions. I then sent them confirmation emails confirming their submission and asking for a link back. Now the ffa concept is dead and I have changed that site to a traffic exchange.

So I do not recommend you start an ffa network. However, there are other services like that. For example you could start your own software directory and you could be one of the software directories that people submit to.

You could start your own social bookmarking site, your own website directory, your own article directory. Just think of services that people submit to.

You want to be one of those services because submission services will bring you customers without you having to advertise. Many of them will have forms where you can request that add your directory to their list of sites they submit to.

Now usually they list the directories they submit to right on their website. There is another back link for me. But more important you can send a confirmation to each submitter including a request to link back to you.

I get about 200 webmasters per day joining my article submission site I do nothing for this traffic! The submission services keep bringing me leads.

There are many scripts ready to buy that are well developed for these purposes. You do not need to hire a programmer for this software. Another hot niche is classified ads. Offer free classified ads in your niche and ask advertisers for a link back. You can check out my free classifieds ads website here.

67. Create A List Of Top 10 Myths For Your NichePeople really love lists. (I went a little crazy here with the condept!) What can I do? People love them, comment on them, add to them, and of course link to them.

The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination. Lists are good link bait.

68. Sue Somebody Big Like FacebookDavid Fagin sued Facebook for $1. because they deleted his account and because Facebook does not have a support department. He was written up in many major news and tech blogs. He even got a link back here.

He received quite a bit of free publicity for his audacity.

69. Sue Somebody Big Like Google For Something Really SillyThis woman sued Google because she got directions from Google Maps and then got hit by a car while following the directions.

This story was written up everywhere by many top online publications. Links galore. I will not give here a link because I think it is just too silly.

70. Get Sued By Somebody Big Like Google Or FacebookI really do not recommend this. You definitely will get written up but if they decide to spend their zillions to sue you the free press might not be worth it. Proceed with caution.

71. Create Your Own Topical Directory Focused Narrowly On Your Industry- This can work but you have to be careful with this. The key is to make your directory very targeted to your industry.

If you just start asking everybody for a link exchange this will be considered spam. Axandra SEO software has an excellent link building system that you could use to build your own link directory on your website.

I had very good success with this until some big time bloggers and marketers got upset with me for asking everybody linked to them to link to me. Other than those two marketers the response was very positive.

My focus was not narrow enough. It works, just keep it very targeted.

72. Join The Better Business BureauThey often list their member’s businesses links on their websites. You get link juice and credibility this way.

73. Join The Chamber Of Commerce And Ask Them For A LinkGetting the idea? Join as many local organizations as you can that have websites and that will list you.

74. Submit Your Link To Local Government Sites That Will Link To You

75. Get Listed On Your Local Library’s Website-

76. Submit Your Business And Website To Every Local Directory- Local marketing is huge. Google places is leading the way having created over 50 million Places Pages that most business owners have not even claimed yet.

These pages often get listed at the top of organic searches. Also the more reviews and listings you have in top local directories the higher places you are in Google local searches.

There are many other local directories where you can list your site. Here is a list.

77. See If Your Suppliers Have A Website And Would Be Willing To Link To YouHey, you are giving them business right? So ask them to link to you on their website. Of course you can reciprocate if you wish.

They are perfect linking partners, they are in the same niche but they are not competitors. Ask everyone you do business with to put a link to your website on their website.

78. Find Other Related But Non Competitive Businesses And Ask Them To Exchange LinksYou do not have to stop with those who you already do business with in your field. You can ask those who you might do business with for links back to your website.

You can even exchange each other’s business cards while you are at it.

79. Link All Your Own Sites To Each Other- Don’t forget to link to yourself! If you have a number of websites make sure each of your websites link to the other ones. Your traffic can then bounce between all your sites.

80. Review Products In Your Niche On

81. Create Product Lists On Remember to include links to your own products.

82. Review Sites Related To Yours On Alexa.comThis is really underused. Lots of people look at They also look at the list of sites that are related to the site they are viewing.

83. Review Services And Products On Shopping Search Engines Like ePinionsEven more links back to you from top authority sites.

84. Send Website Owners TestimonialsPeople love compliments. Right an honest and specific glowing testimonial about some products or services in your industry and send them to the website owner with permission to use on their website as long as they link back to you.

86. Sell Products On Ebay And Donate The Profits To Charity– You will not only get the links from Ebay but you will often get linked to by the charity website.

87. Link To Your Favorite Causes Do you have a favorite cause or charity? Link to them and ask them to link back to you as a supporter. If they have any special events get involved and make sure they spell your name right on the press releases. Not only do you get links back but you seem like a very cool person as well.

88. Build A 101 List On Your Favorite Topic People love top ten lists but 101 lists are even better. People love to link to and share 101 lists.(I will wait while you bookmark this in all your favorite social media…..ok done? Great thanks.) Not only do lists such as these attract links but you will learn an incredible amount about your topic.

89. Create Another 101 Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Site List Using A Completely Different Set Of “Ways” And I Will Link To You Here

90. Create An Extensive Resource List– Here are some that I have created:

List Of Top 36 Classified Ads Sites Where It Is Not A Waste Of Time To Post Your Ads
List Of Podcast Directories
List Of Video Hosting Sites Like YouTube

Go ahead and create your own valuable list of resources in your industry and place it on your blog.

91. Make Short Videos Of People Saying How Great You Are And Upload Them Everywhere With Links Back To Your Site– I saw this independent film once done by a teenager. All he did was interview his friends and relatives about himself.

“John changed my life.. John got me see the world in a different light.. the best athlete, the best student, so compassionate, so wise…etc. etc” On and on they went. But you know what? After 45 minutes of this I really wanted to meet this kid. After the film he came out and introduced himself.

He was greeted like a rock star. He had done nothing. It was all a big joke. I thought it was hilarious. This technique could border on fraud so be careful. Propaganda works.

92. Create A Weekly List Of The Top 5 Blog/Forum Post Of The Week And Post It To Your Blog– First you will learn become an expert in your industry with this technique.

It is amazing how much you will learn. Second you will get the attention of the top people in your industry. I guarantee you they love being listed int he top 5 lists.

Third if they have trackbacks enabled you will get trackback links back to your posts from their authority sites. Check out my blog post on this subject.

93. Become Famous– Write a book, hire a publicist, go on a book tour, do interviews with the major media and make sure everyone knows who you are. Famous people have hundreds of thousands of fans, Twitter followers, Diggs. If you are famous you can skip most of the techniques described here. People will publish your articles, Digg and share your content. But imagine if you were famous and you did everything here?

I was reading some articles by Richard Branson and Alec Baldwin. The articles actually were lightweight articles, mainly fluff. If I had written them they would never have been published. However, since they were written by the owner of Virgin and a movie star they were published in the highest traffic publications.

Easier said than done I know. But do not forget good old fashioned PR. Not PageRank but public relations. Just make sure they spell your name right.

94. Start A Twitter War– Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have an organization against trafficking. The Village Voice runs which sells rather racy ads. The Village Voice accused Kutcher of not getting his facts straight. Well Kutcher has 7 million Twitter followers and 10 million fans on Facebook!

Like I said, if you are famous you do not have to worry too much about begging for backlinks. Well Kutchner is mad as hell and has started a Twitter War. Thousands of links to Kutcher and to the Village Voice in hundreds of major online publications are the result.

The moral of the story is that if you pick the right fight with the right person who has zillions of Twitter followers you could start a media storm which will result in hundreds if not thousands of backlinks to your website. Use this technique with caution! Here is an article about the Village Voice Ashton Kutcher Twitter wars.

P.S. What a coincidence that Demi Moore aired a CNN special about the same subject at the same time the Twitter War started. We could all learn a thing or two about public relations from this power couple!

95. Just Buy Links- If you have more money than time you can just buy links from the most popular link seller

96. Create An iPhone App For Your Blog– More and more people are using their cell phones. Make it easier for people to link to you from their smart phones. Here is an article from John Chow on how to create an iPhone app for your blog.

97. Send Networking Emails To The Top Bloggers In Your Industry Without Asking For Links Back– What? Don’t ask for links? If you send out a link exchange request to a top dog in your industry as your first contact it will just be discarded. When it comes to the big players just get to know them first. Ask questions, compliment, contribute and contact them without a particular request at first. Once you have developped a relationship you can start talking about link requests.

98. Create A Quiz With A Button That Webmasters Can Put On Their Websites Here is a little quiz I built with a free Quiz Builder:

Is Google Good Or Evil

Google has the motto “do no evil” which means that they try to do business in a way which is not evil. Do you agree that Google does business this way?

  1. Is Google Good Or Evil
  2. good 



When you click Judge Google you will be presented with a link to learn more which goes back to my site. Encourage webmasters to place the quiz on their sites so engage their visitors. Every visitor who takes the quiz will be redirected back to your site and of course there is the link on the other webmaster’s site back to your site.

Here is the html code for this quiz if you would like to put it on your website:

99. Build A Free WordPress Theme And Give It Away– There are thousands of blogs being created every week. There are also many directories where you can showcase your free WordPress theme. If you or your designer can come up with a beautiful or unique wordpress theme it can be listed on all the theme directories and you can have a link back to your website on every person’s blog who uses your theme.

100. Cover Popular Events In Your Niches- Attend a popular well-attended event in your industry. Cover the event the best you can, meet people, take pictures, take notes on all the tell everybody that you are covering the event, get the email addresses of everyone you can, take videos then write it up on your blog or website.

When you do email/and or call everybody whose info you gathered about the blog post. Contact the organizers of the event and all the speakers. Send them links to their photos and write ups.

101. Get A Scoop- If you discover news about your industry first and publish it you could have thousands linking back to your original story talking about their own personal experiences with this news scoop. Why do you think the old newspaper reporters were so keen to get the scoop on the other newspapers? Keep your eyse open for the latest news and be the first to jump on it!

Even if you do not ask (and you should) many top players will link to your site, photos and videos. Plus, if you coverage is good you just paved the way with some major networking!

Congratulations on finishing this very long post! I know there is an enormous amount of material here. I suggest picking one technique that resonates with you and getting to work. Please let me know the results here.

Oh yes, and please remember to link to this post on your website or blog! I forgot to mention the last techniqe, begging!

Thank you for your valuable attention,

Matthew Meyer

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