Category Archives for "Search Engine Submission" Review- New Search Engine for “Alternative Media” review is a a search engine developed by Mike Adams owner of the very popular “alternative” health and news site (just Google natural news and it comes up in Google. The site has not been banned yet by the “man.”}The concept of the search engine is that is censors out what they call “mainstream” media sites such as CNN MSNBC, FOX News, CDC,, and the New York Times.

“There Are Those Who See Conspiracies Everywhere and Those Who See None. Both Are Wrong”

Essentially major media outlets in the United States are controlled by about 6 major corporations and unfortunately our news is more agenda driven than truth driven. Mike Adams claims that most sites that have been banned from Google news for “telling the truth” will be included in search results.

Here is what promises it’s users.

  1. No spying on you. No browsing activity or history is tracked at all ever.
  2. No government disinfo or corporate propaganda. Users can click “bad gopher” links to rate posts. If a post gets enough bad gopher posts it is manually reviewed by a staff member. A human will then decide whether to keep the post listed or not.
  3. Honest Relevancy Algorithim. All sites even smaller sites have an even shot at top rankings.
  4. No Promotion of Pharmaceuticals and other poisons. It you are looking to promote the latest GMO food or drug site this is not the place.
  5. No backdoors to the NSA. Mike Adams promises that he is not in cohoots with “the man.” He still has to obey court orders but if they do not collect any data on you then they do not have it to hand over.

Mike Adams promises that GoodGopher which will benefit all “alternative” websites publishing TRUTH rather than propaganda.

While I respect Mike Adams who runs a brilliant alternative health website called I see one glaring flaw in the Goodgopher concept.

Who Decides What The Truth Is? Mike Adams? is essentially a search engine of websites that Mike Adams thinks is telling the truth. Mike Adams is a very smart guy but he does not have the ultimate perspective on truth. If sites that do not confirm his world view are banned we are getting a very limited world view from his search engine. is Basically A Search Engine of Conspiracy Type Websites.

Personally I think a search engine of conspiracy type websites is a splendid idea. If you actually read many of these type of sites you will find numerous well thought out independent minded articles on a variety of subjects. For me “conspiracy” is not a pejorative word it simply means “alternative” and I find  alternative points of view interesting.

Unfortunately the only “alternative” points of view that will be accepted into are “alternative” points of view that one man, Mike Adams, agrees with.

What if I happen to think GMO is a great thing? Maybe I am delusional, maybe I am not, but I have my point of view. Is Mike Adams going to delete my website because I have an alternative view to his alternative view? What if I am not a part of the corporate sponsored media and I am just one dude who is all in on GMO and vaccines? What if my world view collides with Mike Adams world view but I still have an “honest” point of view. Will I be censored? Probably.

Is Mike Adams going to delete my website because I have an alternative view to his alternative view?

So from my perspective Goodgopher is a limited concept with a limited point of view. Does this mean that you should not use Heck no! I think it is a great concept because I personally find quite a bit of value and truth in the sites that Mike Admas is accepting for his new search engine.

Just Because Goodgopher Represents A Limited World View Does This Mean You Should Not Use It? Just Understand That The Perspective is Limited

I am going to use Goodgopher knowing that it represents a limited world view. It is a great tool for exploring in depth alternative and conspiracy type websites and I am all in with the idea. But remember, always use your own discernment when determining what the truth is. Neither Mike Adams or myself have a monopoly on truth. Take everything you read with a grain of salt (just make sure it is organic non GMO salt though.)

If You Are A Webmaster With an Alternative Type of Site Go Ahead and Submit Your Site to

I have submitted this blog to and we will see if it is accepted. From a marketing point of view it is quite interesting to be listed in a community of people who are thinking out of the box and looking at “alternative” points of view. This might be a great place to be listed if you have new innovative products or ideas, survival gear, alternative health websites, spiritual websites or blogs, alternative housing concepts, home organic gardening and related books. Will Not Just Naturally Index Your Site You Need to Submit Your Site for Review.

Goodgopher will not just index your site naturally like Google will. You actually have to submit your site. You can submit your site to here. I welcome your comments about and other alternative search engines.

Here are some other interesting discussions about

Mike Adams’ “good gopher” search engine. The point is made on this post that “in order to avoid the accused ‘mass media’ selective censorship, their answer seems to be outright selective censorship.” Users will be using Goodgopher to “search for what they already believe in.”

Goodgopher on Twitter hashtag #goodgopher

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