Boost Your Profits By Building An Amazing Relationship With Your List


Can you remember what it was like when you first discovered you could buy things on the Internet. At first you were probably excited, but soon you realized it wasn’t as nice as you thought. Bad things happen on the Internet and people get ripped off. You have to be careful who you take advice from.

On your list it’s more than likely you have people who are completely new to the Internet. They feel the same way you did all those years ago. There’s also going to be people who have been burned before. People who have had their money stolen and heard stories of all the evil that’s around.

How can you thrive?

People don’t want to buy from people who force promotions down their throat. What kind of people do you buy from? Someone you trust, right? Everyone feels the exact same way. They’ll still buy from someone who they don’t know anything about. At least some will, but not everyone.

And you can almost guarantee your conversion rate will be much higher if people think of you as a friend. They don’t just like to read what great information you give them. They trust you to give them advice and they will listen to what you tell them. You haven’t gave them any reason not to trust you.

It’s a skill you already know

Don’t even bother trying to sell anything. You don’t need to. If you give people a lot of free content that gets them results they will trust you. They’ll trust you more than their own mom. Once you have built up that trust you only need to recommend something and they’ll be itching to buy it.

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Speak to them like a normal human being. Not some number in your grand scheme to be rich. An easy way to build up a relationship is to picture your ideal subscriber. Write them down on a piece of paper and keep in close to your computer. Each time you write an email have a look at the paper and pretend you’re speaking to them.

How much is too much?

This can mean more than one thing. First of all, how much emails do you think someone can handle per week until they get sick of the sight of you? It’s probably not a lot. Some people email their list every day and that’s fine, but there is a good chance this might be too much. You’re better sticking to about two times per week maximum to get the best results. You can always change it once you are seeing more profits.

The next thing is the actual size of the copy you send. Some people like a little and some like a lot. There is no perfect size, but you can be sure when emails go over a certain length there will be a very small amount of people who actually read them. You’re going to have to test it, but here is a great little tip: start on the low side.

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