Article Submission Software Promises To Slash The Time It Takes To Write and Distribute Your Articles For A Surge In Traffic and Incoming Links.


Review of: Instant Article Submitter

Reviewed by: Matt M

There’s no question articles are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get targeted traffic and quality incoming links (that boost your search rankings) to your site. Not to mention, they don’t cost a cent!

And unlike other free advertising methods that have faded away over time, articles continue to grow in power as time goes on.

After all, there’s always an increasing amount of website publishers who need quality content to share with their readers.

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Of course, there’s a catch. Your articles have to be good quality, be for an in-demand topic, and you must submit them to article directories (where publishers can pick-up your articles to syndicate). Otherwise, you will have wasted your time.

Instant Article Submitter and its companion software Instant Article Creator (given as a bonus) sets-out to eliminate these problems associated with articles.

First, Instant Article Creator is a fill-in-the-blank software that guides you to creating an article. It’s a simple software that does its job well. By having a step-by-step structure, you don’t have to worry about your articles getting too involved.
Everything you need to include is right in front of you, all of the time.

Instant Article Submitter is an automatic article submission software. This is opposed to many other competing software that are only semi-automatic (meaning they still require you to visit each site manually and click the “Submit” button).

This makes using these tools long and tedious to use. Instant Article Submitter visits all of the directories for you, logs into your account, and takes care of pushing all of the buttons. All you must do is fill in the security code that around three out of hundreds directories require.

This makes Instant Article Submitter a very similar option to the paid services which charge you a fee to use their service and they take care of all the submitting. The only difference is that there are zero recurring fees, you know exactly where your articles are getting submitted to, and you can put it to work whenever you want.

So, how well does it perform?

Well, just submitting to the article directories alone are going to send hundreds of incoming links to your site. But, when you hit the right topic, then you’re going to see
countless publishers picking up your article (along with your resource box at the end).

And, if you get picked-up on the right site, then you’re going to get thousands of visitors.

For ease of use and functionality, I’ve used it numerous time and never noticed any bugs. Plus, their have been several updates which keeps on adding new features and directories.

As a result, this tool gets my highest rating. It stands out over its competitors and the quality support and updates makes using it an easy decision.

You can pick-up your copy at:
Instant Article Submitter

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