9 Tips To Get More Traffic From Digg To Your Blog


Get to the top of Digg and you had better upgrade your web hosting package. Digg is known for the ability to drive server crushing traffic to your blog. So how do you harness this power? Here are a few tips:

1. Be a real and active Digg User– Actually use Digg. The more active you are on Digg the better chance you have of attracting Digg’s from other users. Submit a variety of posts (hot news items seem to work well), add friend, comment, make sure you have an avatar and your that profile is filled out.

2. Digg, comment, and follow active Digg users– The rule goes with Twitter as it does with Digg. Many times if you follow them they will follow you. If you Digg them they are more likely to Digg you.

3. Digg quality content– Only Digg stories and articles which really are good. This really should be number 1. Your credibility is everything. Actually this is the idea behind the whole site. You are supposed to “Digg” cool stuff. Quality content is where any social media campaign should begin.

4. Digg the original source– Try to Digg the original articles not the derivative articles about a popular subject. You can Digg a derivative article but add some additional information.

5. Digg several articles from different sources at a time– Do not just join Digg and Digg one article (your own) and stop. Digg is on the lookout for those who just post one Digg for one story. They really want to stop those who are getting paid to Digg. So Digg and comment on a variety of articles.

6. Be careful with just Digging your own stories– Like I just said in the previous point. You want to Digg a variety of articles from a variety of sources. You do not want to seem like just a self promoter in the Digg community.

7. Use a good title and description in your Digging– Good copy writing applies here as well. If you title grabs peoples attention you are more likely to get Dugg.

8. Follow Diggers you actually like and have an affinity for– I take back a little bit what I said earlier. Do not just follow the top Diggers but follow active Diggers who you actually like and relate to. You are much more likely to develop a good relationship with these people and they in turn will be much more likely to Digg your posts. Isn’t that what this social media was all about in the first place?

9. Ask your friends, relatives, followers newsletter subscribers to Digg your stories– Do you have an email list? A lot of friends of Facebook? Are you a Twitter mogul? Does your mom still talk to you? Ask all your contacts in all your social media to Digg your stories. If they are not familiar with Digg refer them to this article.

That is it. I am relatively new to Digg but I am starting to get followers and I believe Digg can be another great source of traffic. Your comments are appreciated. Thank you! Matthew Meyer.

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Bonus tip #10- Follow those who follow you– I just noticed this as I started to promote this post to my list. When somebody follows you on Digg you get an email notice from Digg with a link to follow them back. You should follow back everybody who follows you. This can really help create a nice tight network of like minded people who will Digg each other’s posts. If you follow me above on Digg I will get the notice and follow you back. Thank you!

Here is another interesting article explaining why people do not link to your posts. Could apply to Digg too.

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