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I just got through listening to Chris Farrell’s webinar part 1 on how to get free traffic from Facebook. If you do not know Chris Farrell he is a Brit living in L.A. who has a real talent for methodically explaining internet marketing techniques to beginners.

I have been underusing Facebook mainly with a scatter shot approach without a solid Facebook marketing plan. I decided to listen to the webinar because I really needed to learn some Facebook marketing basics.

Chris explains in a very slow and deliberate manner which is great for beginners. I am more of a give me the meat straight and fast type of guy. So I have summarized the main points of what I learned in his webinar here.

I was really surprised to see Chris’s Google Analytic stats showing that he gets 60% of his traffic from Facebook. His membership site has a healthy 5000 Alexa which means there are only about 5000 other websites on the planet with more traffic. That is serious traffic.

This site is at about 35,000. He is kicking my butt so I will definitely listen to him when it comes to traffic generation.

1. You need a fanpage because all of your activity on Facebook is going to be done from your fanpage not from your main Facebook main account. If you do not know how to make a fanpage see the Don’t Drink The Koolaid Blog post on this subject here. (Love the name!)

2. You are going to be getting traffic to your fanpage and then directing some of this traffic to your other external sites that you ultimately want to promote.

3. Step number 1 after you set up your fanpage is to put some valuable content on your new fanpage. Chris says your page should make your page “sticky.” This simply means you should make a page that people want to view for awhile. They should find it valuable and informative.

You can find interesting videos, blog posts, forum posts creating by other people and/or your own original content and place it on your fanpage. There is no sense in driving traffic to a page without any interesting content. Of course, all your content should be focused on your niche. You want to post content that will interest your fans. Keep focused.

You do not want a bunch of affiliate links and spam on your page. Delete other people’s posts like this on your page (politely, remember we are all still learning here) and fill your page with interesting content. You want to build a relationship first before starting your pitch fest.

4. The 50/50 rule. Now is when you are going to start your Facebook promotion. You need to spend about 30 minutes each day or more on your Facebook promotion activities. 50% of your time should be spent on adding valuable content to your page. The other 50% should be spent going to other people’s pages and making comments. When you visit other people’s page just make comments, respond and share. Do not post promotional links of any kind. The goal is to get people to interact with you and to click your Facebook link and like your Facebook fanpage. If you start promoting right away this will turn people away from you not towards your page.

You should be doing all your Facebook activities as your fanpage. This way your fanpage link shows up whenever you comment or post and people will click on it and be taken to your fanpage. If you have great content on your page they will be more likely to become your fans as well.

Then when you post content on your own fanpages it will be seen on the news feeds of all your fans.

5. Always encourage interaction. Chris emphasizes this over and over. Do not just post a video. Ask people to comment. Ask people what they think. Ask them to share the content if they like it. Ask them to tell you what is wrong with it. Always ask a question every time you post anything on Facebook. This will increase interactivity and give you a higher “Edge Rank.”

6. Get your posts to the top of your fan’s newsfeeds with higher Edge Rank. Edge Rank is what Facebook uses to judge how important your posts are relative to your fans. Not every post you make will appear on your fans newsfeeds. Facebook picks and chooses. Edge Rank is the formula which determines how high your comments will rank on particular news feeds of your fans. Edge Rank consists of 3 elements.

a. Affinity Score– This score is based on how many times you and your fan have interacted. The more you have interacted the higher Edge Rank you have with that user and the higher your posts will appear on their newsfeed.

b. Weight– People can like comment or share your content. Sharing has the most “weight” with Facebook. Liking has the least “weight.” The more a particular user shares your content the higher priority your content will have on his particular newsfeed.

c. Time Decay– The more recent comments are the most important.

The bottom line is that you want to encourage everyone to interact with your posts. Ask them to share and comment liberally. The more interaction you have the higher your content ranks.

7. Notes. With Facebook you can post html notes with links back to your external websites. Remember we said we will be driving traffic to our fanpage in order to get fans and some of this traffic we will send away from Facebook to our external websites. Notes is a way to send traffic to your website. You can create simple notes with html links that will be posted to your wall. These notes can have links to your external websites. When you post a note of your page most of your fans will see the note on their feed and will have an opportunity to follow the links to your external website.

8. Tagging. This is notes with a kicker. When you create a note on Facebook you have the opportunity to tag the note to any page that you have already liked. This means that not only will this note be seen on your fanpage newsfeed and on the newsfeed of your fans but the note will appear on the newsfeed of those pages which you have tagged and on the newsfeed of the fans of the pages you have tagged.

This means that if I tag 5 other fanpages, each with 1000 fans page my note will appear on not only on my fan’s fanpages but on all 5000 newsfeeds of all the other pages I tagged and their fan’s newsfeeds.

You have to be careful with this one. It is considered uncool by many to tag someone with a note without asking their permission first. Chris actually has tagging partners. They all agree more or less to tag each others posts. Who would have thought of all this!? A tagging cartel?

This should get you started. It certainly has been an eye opener for me. I really underestimated how much traffic I could generate from Facebook.

The best way to approach this form of marketing is to think long term and start building relationships a little bit every day.

I would appreciate it if you would share this on Facebook! Your comments are appreciated here as well.

If you want to learn more about Chris Farrell’s internet marketing membership site see here.

(Yes, it is an affiliate link but his site is very worth while and can be tried for just a $4.95 free trial. Quite reasonable for the quality instruction he offers.)

Thank you,

Matthew Meyer

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