3 Ways You Can Get Traffic And Sales Now Starting From Nothing


I just received an email from somebody who said “help me.” I need to learn how to get traffic to my website now so I can make sales. Here is more or less what I told him:

“I can give you some advice but you have to do the work.

1. Your focus should be on building a list in your niche. You should have a free report which solves peoples problems in your niche. Set up a Squeeze page and/or fanpage where people can opt in to your list. (You can see my review of autoresponders here: http://www.realreply.com) It does not have to be fancy. Actually simple sells better. Just look at Google’s web design. Very easy and simple and easy to navigate websites work best.

2. Create a fanpage around this subject. If people like your page they should then be able to opt in to your list and get your ebook. For an example see here. If people like my fanpage they are redirected to both an opt in form where they can re-brand the ebook with their affiliate links and the link where they can download the report right away as is.

I chose Facebook because the viral nature of Facebook is hard to beat for generating traffic. Whatever you post on your page shows on your fan’s page etc etc.

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Then start making comments and being helpful on fanpages with that deal with this issue. Also join forums that deal with this topic and put links to your free ebook
page and start answering people’s questions.

3. If you want to increase your sales put your phone number on your pages and ask people to call you. Nobody is willling to do this anymore. If you are willing to offer real personal service you will increase your closing ratio immensely.”

This is essentially what I told him. One point on putting your phone number on your sales page. If you are willing to actually talk to people personally, listen to their problems and offer a solution you can beat your biggest competitors.

None of the big boys want to do this. With all the new social media noise out there there really is very little true 2 way personal interaction these days.

I used to have a music agency where I booked bands on gigs for conventions and private parties. (Hey you young whipper snappers out there. This way before we had them there internets! Long ago in the 80s!) It was a good business.

I would get the sale by dressing to the nines, showing up to the customer’s place of business, listening to his concerns and offering solutions.

Then I would look them in the eye and tell them that I would be there personally to make sure their affair would go off without a hitch. I would then show them over 100 hand written letters of people who were thrilled with my service.

I did not show them tweets, likes, comments on forums or blogs, they saw the ink baby! They could see the personal hand writing on the well worn comment cards, smudges and all. They could savour the satisfaction of my customers in a way that is just not possible online.

If that was not enough I gave them a list of names and phone numbers of past customer’s they could call as references. This was old school marketing up close and personal.

I almost always got the job when I did this. My competitors would just send them a tape in the mail. Do what Google, Yahoo and basically most businesses refuse to do. Listen to your customers and treat them like the real human beings they are. This is one way the little guy can almost always beat the big guys.

What advice would you have given our friend? Let us know if the comments area.

P.S. I really got going with this topic and wrote another post with a specific plan of action on how to use your online marketing skills to make money now. Check out the post here.

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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.

Ian - 2011/08/16

Hey Matt, great stuff as always man! You are one of the very few guys out there that actually replys to questions! Thanks for that as well! So… question… I want to create very cool FB Pages for my clients, and was wondering if you have had any experience with any of the different software packages/services available to do this. I have looked at North Social (seems really expensive for multiple accounts) as well as Pagemodo (almost seems too cheap for multiple accounts)… your thoughts?
Thanks Matt


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/16

    I just used a free Facebook plugin and used html for my fanpage so I have not had much experience with these packages. There was an interesting one called http://www.doubleyourlikes.com
    It is system put out by the same guy who does Viral PDF Generator which works well. I use it for my ebook. You might check them out. Good luck Ian.


yoes - 2011/08/03

Yes I likes it this,how to this product it works,what this efficients?


Winchel - 2011/08/01

Hello Matthew.
What about, traffic exchanges ,free classified site ,safelister,social bookmarking site.
Now we have Fiverr.

Best Regards


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/01

    Hi Winchel, all good ideas. Why don’t you write an article 10 ways to get traffic and sales right now? Thanks for comment.


Max Morecroft - 2011/07/30

Dear Mathew
Having no funding to stat off with, i went and advertised on every free web site i could find and made
my magazine the top on google in a very short time.
I am launching a new digital world wide pet care magazine soon.
so if you have any pet care readers send them to me for the best pet care magazine in the world price £1, this is the answer to your question,
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Freelance Writing Jobs Online - 2011/07/30

Your online professionalism and great hints on list building never ceases to amaze me.
Thanks once again.


thierry lebras - 2011/07/29

awesome info,will use it in my quest for success thanks a bunch



Marie Badger - 2011/07/29

Hi Mathew,
Like you said with all the technology available to us today, people aren’t taking the time to talk 1 on 1 anymore. Others in the industry are shocked when I suggest “hey lets chat on the phone”. Thanks for the valuable information.


Alper Aribal - 2011/07/29

Hey Matthew!

Your E-Book “101WaysToBuildBacklinks” is very awsome! I just read it and I will implement the tricks for my own success. Thank you.

I wish you the best.




    Matthew Meyer - 2011/07/29

    Glad you enjoyed the read. If you had success with even one technique please share your success here. Thank you Alper!


Jeremy - 2011/07/28

Interesting post. I have been trying to manage facebook contacts by Having a two or three fan pages.. My freinds then will be windeld down to there perstective pages as our freindship grows and we learn from one another… Keeps business business and personal personal you have to know when and where to draw the line…. Also using Free traffic sources is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Back links and search engine submission are the best to use to get noticed on the first page of search engines. Thanks for sharing this with us I feel it will be very usefull to people…


ariewayq - 2011/07/26

i am agree.
i wikk try it


michael - 2011/07/25

As always good tips.I would like to say how much I enjoyed 101 backlinks,a good referance guide.Thanks again michael


Daniel - 2011/07/25

Great post, Matthew!

I like your personal touches that you provide to your customers.
I like the way you showed us your Fan Page. Most other guys just say, “Build a fan page”.
The phone number idea is interesting but I’m worried that it would get abused or that I
would get too many calls that waste my time.

Here’s a traffic idea I got from Ron Douglas. What do you guys think?

1) Download Cam Studio free screen recording software.

2) Use Powerpoint and Cam Studio to create a quick teaser video
presentation on a niche topic. Include a website address reference
at the beginning and end of the video.

3) Do some basic keyword research and use relevant long tail
keywords in the video title that you can easily get traffic for.

4) Signup for a free account on TubeMogul and distribute your
video all over the web with a live link to your webpage in the

Do that each day for a month and you’ll get lots of
traffic. That being said, it does take work to get it done.

Another thing that makes the videos more effective is
link building. Building links to your pages on authority sites is
probably the fastest way to get search engine traffic. Important
pages on important sites always rank well (the backlinks to the
page make all the difference).

All the best,



    Matthew Meyer - 2011/07/25

    Daniel, thank you for the comment and tips. Yes submitting your videos to many video hosting sites with Tube Mogul is a great idea. I use ContentBuzz which is a paid service to do this. If you can keep it up everyday you are sure to get traffic. Great link building as well. Then use Onlywire to share your videos on Facebook and 30 other social bookmarking sites and you really should be doing well.


Joshua Zamora - 2011/07/25

Hey Matthew great post! I already have 1 and 2 secure I have not tried #3. I will give it a go and see how it works.

I’m thinking the majority of people won’t even call but just having it on there builds a lot of trust.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/07/25

    Yes, everybody is tentative with 3. It works better with higher end products where it is really worthwhile spending the individual time with your prospects. It also works well because everyone is hesitant to do it!.However, it also depends how bad you want it. The more personal you make your marketing the better your results generally.


Janny - 2011/07/24

Hi Matthew
I know Facebook is big with online business but it is very invasive also. If you have a family and friends oriented membership it seems to be difficult to keep a business one separate. I’ve heard of a few who have a challenge with this. I wouldn’t want them to meet. Do you know how to manage this?
Also about the personal contact, if you start a personal service how would you handle it when you get too many? You can’t very well pass them up to someone else.
I’m not being critical, just getting it straight. I believe in the kind of service you describe.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/07/24

    I totally agree and I only use Facebook for business. Nothing personal. You can set up fanpages for your separate businesses or niches and focus on promoting those. You should consider everything you put on the net as public. As for handling personal contact when it gets too many that is a good problem! You have to get creative. I was focusing on people who were starting from nowhere. The one thing they offer is their personal touch. However, you can try to create a personal culture with your business as it grows. There is a bank advertising this way now. They promise real people with answer the phones. Thanks. Matt.


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