3 Killer Free Advertising Ideas To Kick Off Your Business!



Here are 3 great free advertising ideas for your business.:

1. Join The Free Ad Forum and post your ads to over 100,000 members daily. When you post your ads on the Free Ad Forum your ads do not get rotated off. Your ads are permanent and get indexed very quickly by the search engines because they are on our high traffic site.

You can also meet other marketers from all over the world in the introductions area. Make sure you stop by and say hi. More people will probably see your ad in your signature file in the section than in any other section of the forum. See here to start posting your ads on The Free Ad Forum now.

2. Exchange links with 7 of our high traffic sites for free. SEO snobs make fun of link exchanges but daggonit they work! I get tons of traffic by people linking to me. Now you can exchange links with 7 of my high traffic sites for free. These links are permanent and get indexed quickly in the search engines according to your keywords. Check out the video here which proves it!

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3. Post your free articles on Articledude.com. This is our article directory. We are getting over 200 submissions of articles per day. Your article will be organized according to the keywords in your article and like the above two services your article will be permanent. You can include links back to your site in the author’s area as well as in the body of the article which most article directories do not allow.

All these services are completely free. They are not trials. Do not touch your wallet!

I hope this helps you kick start your business!

Any questions or comments let me know in the comments section of the blog here.

Much Success!

Matthew Meyer

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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.

Hank Glassco - 2012/09/07

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Milee - 2011/11/17

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Advertisement ideas - 2011/10/10

I have been looking for this kind of advertising idea that I can apply in all my business. I just wish that this can really improve the profits of my business.


Online Marketing - 2011/05/24

Thanks for sharing, all these are great ways to get traffic!


Massive Traffic - 2010/10/19

I had a little trouble understanding right away, but I’m pretty sure I understand what is meant now. Thanks!


Matthew Meyer - 2010/08/06

You can find The Free Ad Forum here;


???? - 2010/08/04

how can I find free ad forum?


Debt Relief for You - 2010/07/30

I enjoyed viewing your blog site and will be looking forward to your future blog posts.Now I know some good sources where to advertise.
Vincent James – VJ Global


video ad - 2010/06/14

Although I would’ve desired if you went into a little bit more detail, I still got the gist of what you meant. I agree with it. It might not be a popular idea, but it makes sense. Will unquestionably come back for more of this.


healthyliving - 2009/12/30

Thank you for the opportunity you provided. I want to take part of the opportunities you offer, and hopefully useful for my site.


Irene Wallace - 2009/12/29

Hi Matthew, thanks for the great tips, I’ll definately post some articles and the link exchange sounds like a good idea too!


Lee Davis - 2009/12/28

Thanks for all the opportunities that you’ve given marketers all
across the board, Meyer (BTW, that is one pimpin’-ess hat dere, sah!), but please, for anyone who may be reading and wondering what the next, hot new trend to jump on is – self-commerce.

Do it for SELF. I KNOW it’s possible to make a comfortable online living peddling other peoples’ products and raking in a good amount of money to do it, but, if you’re not in that category, earnestly think about how you can get something of your own started.

It will require that you learn to code (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, just to mention the rock-bottom basics), have some
understanding of website design and structure, and then have a need to know about web standards, cross-browser compatibility issues, security and insecurity flaws of code, software, and computer environments, and some other stuff that’d definitely make yer heart sink if you knew.

Of course, you could always outsource – but that’d mean that you have some money in the first place that you made online. Oh…not you? That’s why it’s always the hop, skip, and jump between “programs”, or “traffic exchanges, or “safelists”, or “affiliateships”, or “business opportunities”, or any of the other millions of pieces of junk mail that crush my inbox from
desperate marketers (and heartless scammers, to boot) the world

The secret is to turn all that energy around – redirect it so that everything that you’re involved in is benefiting you in the most direct way possible proportional to the effort that you
put in. As an example, take this very blog post, “Three Killer Free Advertising Ideas To Kick Off Your Business in 2010!”

I don’t know about you, but I as a business owner am busy all day long trying to come up with viable, doable things that’ll increase market awareness of my brand everyday – whether I take the time to publicly flame an obvious scammer, or I reply to a
blog post that I read (like now), or I go academic and try to sift through the MILLIONS of digital products
residing on my hard drive for inspiration and planning/copying;
I’m DOING something that gets both my name and rep around. From those last three examples you read, let’s breakdown how they were of benefit to me.

When I flame the idiot scammer in public, I’m taking a stand on how self-regulation should work in order to keep the industry in check and not have it come under the similar scrutiny of the now undoable march toward government legislation with the FTC getting involved in the practices of online marketing from this past month onwards into econofascism forevermore.

When I reply to what I happen to come across (or are prompted to by sources I know/trust) online, this creates a link back to whatever web enterprise I chooose to enter in the “URI” box. And if the writing is of any substance, answers any question, or reveals a bit of info that’d never been posted before, there’s DEFINITELY gonna be some click-through.

And when I rifle throgh my hard drive looking for the needle in the haystack of a idea gem, I get a bit distracted and then happen on something so perfect and right for the situation that I’d have never found if I were looking for it.

Right there was three ideas that I generated on the fly in the quest to do for self. And I try to challenge myself to come up with at least this per day to end up with a repetoire that I can effectively recycle in a 30-day period of testing to weed out the weaker ideas. Right there was another third of a potential trio of good ideas. The possibilities are endless.

If you try this everyday, the worse that could happen is that while you were working on this approach, one of your ideas happened and went somewhere. Which is the point. Good Luck…


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/12/28

    Leo, I really loved your comments. You are right saying that it is good to get something of your own started. I agree that a bit of html is necessary but only the basics of mysql. You can easily outsource programming to sites such as Scriptlance and get highly talented programmers for next to nothing.

    Most people, including myself, who promote affiliate programs also have their own sites and of course their own lists.

    The problem is that there is too much information out there. You have to focus and pick a few that really work for you.

    How many of us ask the question “What do I think will work?” Often your own opinions are better than the self proclaimed gurus.


Kristi Ambrose - 2009/12/28

P.S In my experience – page rank of a directory that you are piggy backing off of, doesn’t make much difference. Of course if you use a site like Wiki to piggy back off of, yea of course that would make a difference. But, if you are simply going for backlinks (link backs), the rank of the site doesn’t necessarily matter if its 0 or 10.


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/12/28

    I agree that PR is overated. Whatever happened to just good old fashioned traffic. I will take a link back from a site with PR 0 but which slams me with traffic rather than a PR7 which has no traffic. Traffic is the goal not an approval rating.


Louisb - 2009/12/28

Wish you Happy new Year have a good one and stay sober
Enjoy Louis


manbros - 2009/12/26

All above free advertising is great and i am going to take part in all these programs.


Don reed - 2009/12/25

How do i know my e-mail will not be sold and I will get tons of spam.


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/12/26

    Your email is not sold with any of the programs that I listed. If you are concerned with this issue you can always test the service with a secondary email account.


Rich - 2009/12/25

does your article directory have page rank ?


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/12/26

    It looks like the article directory has a page rank of 3 right now. Here are the stats on the article directory http://www.articledude.com.

    Total Articles: 189166
    Total Authors: 78392
    Total Downloads: 1088745


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