2 Tips To Maximize Your Facebook Fanpage Real Estate That You Probably Never Thought Of


Did you every look at the side of your Facebook fanpage and see all the pages you have liked listed down at the side? Did you know you can customize this list? Most people do not know this and just let Facebook randomly rotate Facebook fanpages. However, if you have other Facebook fanpages or partnerships with other fanpage owners you can customize this list.

This is very valuable real estate on your Facebook fanpage. You should optimize this space on your fanpage for your benefit.

Click “edit info” at the top of your fanpage next to the name of your fanpage. Then on the left click featured. You will see a tab “edit” or “enable” featured likes. You can choose which pages you have liked that you want to appear on the side of your fanpage.

Also, you can add descriptions and links to the photos which appear at the top of your fanpage. Many people will click on these photos and the top of your page. Why not add links to your other products and websites along with a description? Again, this is very valuable real estate. Some people with very popular pages actually sell advertising on these strategic areas.

Just click on the photos and you will see down below you can add links and descriptions. Here is a free webinar from Brian Moran from Get 10,000 Fans where is discusses these fanpage optimization tips and others. Let me know what you think in the comments area and please share on Facebook as well if you found this info helpful.

Thank you,

Matthew Meyer


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