10 Beautiful JavaScript Libraries for HTML5


JavaScript libraries are libraries of JavaScript that allows the users to easily develop applications based on JavaScript especially for HTML5, AJAX, and other technologies. These libraries are most commonly used for writing work related to HTML5 and that interact with DOM of the specific page. Here you will find top 10 Beautiful JavaScript Libraries for HTML5:

1.    Hammer JS: It is a light-weight JavaScript library that adds touch gestures to support any website. This led the users to interact easily with the help of touch devices. It will be very easy for you to implement Hammer JS for binding the HTML5 content in an easy way. This library support almost all fro drag gestures and browsers, and provide extra information like directions, angle, and distance.

2.    Sigma.JS: It is another popular JavaScript library to create interactive network maps for the users. It is an open source library with a facility of drawing graphs with the use of HTML5 canvas. This JavaScript library can also be extended with Plug-ins, and offers chainable methods like jQuery. It is made to consume dynamic or static network maps with around infinite number of notes on a website page.

3.    HTML Canvas Library: It is standalone and light weight JavaScript wrapper for element of native canvas that allows the users to easily create visualizations and animations. It is very easy to use with consistent methods, which help the users to handle different tasks like simple rotations, nine point aligning support, built-in image loading, animations with proper Framerate control etc.

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4.    Smoke.JS: It is another Standalone Library that is used for flexible JavaScript notifications. It is small and light weight JavaScript library, which works as a substitute for default alert functions in a website. It allows user friendly notifications and theme notification like CSS3 animations, CSS etc.

5.    Envision.JS: It is a JavaScript library to build interactive HTML5 visualization. It enables the users to create interactive and fast HTML5 visualizations in an easy manner.

6.    CSSFx.JS: It is popular JavaScript file that make vendor specific CSS3 properties, which are required for new as well as old browsers. The users can save a lot of time of bandwidth and maintenance with the use of this JavaScript file.

7.    Kinetic.JS: It is another HTML5 JavaScript library, which extends 2D context as it enable interactivity of canvas for mobile and desktop applications. It allows the users to draw images and shapes like circle, square, rectangle etc. It also allows the users to animate, scale, rotate, and interact with any other user events and shapes.

8.    Cutter.JS: It is truncate, light weight, cross browser, and standalone JavaScript that enables the user to accomplish their website objective without losing mark up.

9.    Polyclip.JS: It is capable of clipping images in JPEG format into Non Rectangular Polygons. It is a JavaScript specially build on jQuery, which allows the users to clip image with image map by using HTML5 canvas.

10.  Colors: It is special kind of JavaScript library that can manipulate colors for the users.

Summary: JavaScript libraries have made the work of users technical and easy. You can use above 10 Beautiful JavaScript Libraries for HTML5 that offers you special features to build HTML5 files.

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